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Friday 19 Ramadan 1440 on May 24, 2019

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28/2/1440 -on- 07/11/2018The allocation of 27 thousand housing and financing option in "Al Qassim" in less than two years.

Including seven projects inaugurated by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques today

The allocation of 27 thousand housing and financing option in "Al Qassim" in less than two years.

The Ministry of Housing has allocated 27137 housing and financing options to beneficiaries in the Al-Qassim region through "sakani" program since its inception last year until the tenth installment mid-last month, indicating that this meets about 92% of the of the population needs of the region listed on the Ministry's lists, 29 thousand citizens.


The ministry explained in a press statement today that during the previous installments of the "sakani" program allocated 1356 ready housing units distributed in the ten projects of the Ministry of Housing, which includes most of the governorates in the region, in addition to 9645 free lots, and through the program allocated 16136 supported loans profits in partnership with banks and financial institutions.


She pointed out that through "sakani" 9645 free land distributed in various centers and provinces of Al Qassim, indicating that this option provides citizens with the opportunity to acquire improved land for those wishing to build their homes, and the program allows all citizens the chance to buy a ready housing unit of the market  or "self-building" for those who own aplot of a land and obtain a home finance of up to 500 thousand riyals, backed by 100% profit for those with salaries are less than 14 thousand riyals , through the Development Fund in partnership with banks and financial institutions.

10 housing projects in the Al Qassim Region provide 1356 ready villas.


During the previous installments of the housing program, the Ministry of Housing announced the allocation of a number of housing and financing options to the beneficiaries in the Al-Qassim region. These include the launching of villas, which are part of the Ministry's projects, which comes as a10 integrated housing projects, providing 1,566 residential villas with 500 square meters of villas distributed in Buraydah, Unaizah, Al Mithnab, Ar Rass, Al Bukayriyah, Al Badayea, An Nabhaniyah,Ash Shimasiyah, Uyun Al-Jiwa and Riyadh Experts. These projects are distinguished by the integration of infrastructure and public facilities.

The housing projects in the Qassim area are divided into 10 cities and governorates, of which three projects have been announced and made available to beneficiaries in the "sakani" program during the previous installments in its first and second phases. The project includes the city of Buraydah with 381 residential villas, the third in Al Nabhaniya 90 ready -made villas, and these projects were launched in the earlier stages of the "sakani" program, after its readiness, to enable families in the region to get housing units at affordable prices in order to meet their wishes.


On Wednesday, the region witnessed the inauguration of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques during his visit to Al Qassim region of 7 new housing projects, providing 894 housing units to be added to the list of options offered by the Ministry of supported loans and free land provided to citizens free of charge. It includes 340 residential villas, in addition to the projects of Al Badayea, Al Bukayriyah, Ar Rass and Al Mithnab, each of which provides 100 housing units. The Ash Shimasiyah project provides 78 villas and Uyun Al-Jiwa 76 residential villas.

The ministry stressed that these projects are characterized by integrated infrastructure of water and electricity, sidewalks, lighting and sanitation. It also features mosques and public utilities from landscape and gardens, and the dedication of sites for government service agencies to establish health centers, schools and other centers according to the requirements of each project.