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Tuesday 18 Shaban 1440 on April 23, 2019

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25/2/1440 -on- 04/11/2018"Sustainable Building" launches the "CQI" service for individuals.

This service starts in Riyadh and will gradually follow in the rest of the cities.
"Sustainable Building" launches the "CQI" service for individuals.

The Ministry of Housing's "Sustainable building" program has launched the "Building Quality Inspection" for the individual's category through its electronic platform, which aims to provide a mechanism that’s help the next citizen who plans to build a housing unit. First, its important to verify the quality of the construction work and ensure that it applies to Saudi Building code standards and international quality standards, based on the Ministry's vision to organize and facilitate a balanced and sustainable housing environment.

The Housing quality checking Service has provided an option to inspect the quality of the building for the individual category, in order to contribute in raising the quality of the residential building by inspecting the housing unit during its establishment. The beneficiary(property owner) will be able to request an electronically certified surveyor, in his turn he will carried out directly the inspection in accordance with the established  procedures of the enhanced program by the competent international bodies, to examine the housing unit during the specific stages starting from ensure that the necessary and approved plans and documents are attached, and ends with the final delivery, and then issuance of the quality implementation certificate after exceeded all stages successfully.

The "Sustainable Building " program is aimed at qualifying and certifying engineers through the "CQI training" program, which has been developed by international organizations specializing in quality, to enable them to join the sustainable building platform. However, the Saudi Real Estate Institute,

To hold training courses in different cities of the Kingdom, to qualify the inspector engineer inspector (building plan examiner) to obtain accreditation and join the platform; in order to offer him the possibility of access to additional income through preforming checks in his spare time, and they can identify the schedule of courses through the site of the Saudi Real Estate Institutewww.srei.sa.

Mr. Mazen Al-Daoud, General Supervisor of Real Estate Regulation at the Ministry of Housing, explained that the provision of this service contributes to raising the quality and reliability of residential products, reducing the cost of operation and maintenance on the citizens. It also helps to reduce the potential structural risks and costs. He pointed out that the service will be implemented initially in the city of Riyadh, during the current stage, that it will cover all parts of the Kingdom gradually in the coming period, indicating that the program has completed the training of more than 100 certified inspector engineers so far, so that the citizens will be able to start filling out the checking applications  in the electronic platform.

The Sustainable Building Platform was announced at the Sustainable Housing Forum held last May by the Ministry of Housing. The platform aims at providing a range of services that help citizens acquire sustainable, high-quality housing units. Those wishing to benefit from the service and those interested in it to access the sustainable building platform, please visit https://mostadam.sa.