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Tuesday 18 Shaban 1440 on April 23, 2019

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26/2/1440 -on- 05/11/2018Saudi Arabia is succeeding in the experience of building the first 3D printed house in the Middle East.

The Housing program and NIDLP (within the Saudi Vision 2030) announced today the success of the first home building using 3D printing technology, one of the latest fourth generation technologies for building technology.This is an attempt to keep abreast of technological progress in the futuristic construction world, to benefit from the latest technologies and to be a pioneer in the adoption of innovative building technologies in the building sector and to localize their industry in Saudi Arabia in line with the objectives of the Saudi Vision 2030 and the National Transition Program 2020.

The two programs explained that the construction of the house on the Ministry's land west of King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh has been completed by the Dutch company (Cybe), which is one of the most prominent companies that owns this technology in the world. This house will be available for visits and access to this experience by specialists and workers and interested in this sector of engineers and architects and companies specializing in the construction and building field for a period of 5 days and those wishing to visit the open house and check the printing stages and identify and reach a close to this technique to schedule an appointment to visit via the following link:

The move comes in line with the initiative to building technology stimulus, one of the initiatives of the Private Sector Development Plan launched by the local content and private sector development unit "Namaa" for the advancement of technology in the construction process, by introducing the three-dimensional printing, which is one of the main innovative futuristic building methods which is reliable and  It also aims to contribute to the creation of integrated residential units through digital models. It also looks forward to using the technology in the future to reduce the costs of collection, transportation and construction, so that an environmentally friendly dwelling, The Building Technology Stimulus Initiative seeks to create a proactive and supportive environment for experiments and research in the field of futuristic building techniques and fourth generation technologies, and has conducted numerous experiments to develop some modern building techniques to localize them, including three-

HH the Minister of Housing (head of Eskan Program) Majed bin Abdullah Al-Hogail, during his inspection tour of the project today, in the presence of Undersecretary of the Ministry of Energy Industry and Mineral Resources, Director of the Development Program of Industry and Logistics Dr. Abid Al-Saadoun and Deputy Dutch Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Ms. Macha Pak, this experience embodies the synergy between many related sectors. Housing, national industry and logistics services programs share the first printed house using 3D printing, the first successful home-building experience using this technology in the Middle East, Which gives an overview to the future of this sector and how the construction will be during the coming years, and the role of the Kingdom in stimulating the use of modern technologies to achieve the well-being of its citizens

Al-Hogail stressed that the fruitful of the partnership between these two programs have  benefited a number of the sons of this country (engineers from both gender) in contributing to the construction of this house using the three-dimensional printing technology, after acquiring the necessary skills in this advanced technology, stressing the keenness of the state to develop the capabilities of its citizens and benefit from localization these advanced technologies, and generates more jobs for national diasporas.

The head of Eskan Program raised his thanks and appreciation of the leadership for its outstanding support to bring the latest global technologies in the building and construction field and to make Saudi Arabia a pioneer in all fields. He stressed the State's keenness to develop local industries in this filed. And stimulate the sector to take advantage of the latest technology and advanced technology in housing projects.

In her turn, the Dutch Deputy Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Ms. Macha Pak, stressed that the experience of building houses using 3D printing is extremely unique. She confirmed that this experience is a good example of the future home in Saudi Arabia, noting that there has been an effective economic relationship between the two countries, Covering the banking and other economic fields.

The aim of the Building Technology stimulus Initiative is to highlight and identify some of the latest technologies that may have the potential for a more sustainable building through 3D printing, and the possibility of continuous improvement of this technology to obtain technical advantages in construction sites from Cost and standardization of quality, waste minimization, speed of implementation, reduction of work accidents and the possibility of implementing forms that cannot be implemented by traditional methods.

The three-dimensional printing technique is the construction of a concrete model of a 3D model, where the 3D object can be obtained through a 3D scanner or by designing a Computer Aided Design CAD "3D design, such as D MAX, Google Sketchup (3), and scientifically, this model is formed by printing a series of successive layers, one on top of the other, until the final form, the additive manufacturing system, is obtained. Molding and sculpting systems that waste more than 90% of the material used in labeling P.