"Housing" and "General Authority for Zakat and Income Tax" launch an e-portal to issue a certificate containing the first housing tax. | Ministry of Housing

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25/10/1439 -on- 08/07/2018

"Housing" and "General Authority for Zakat and Income Tax" launch an e-portal to issue a certificate containing the first housing tax.

The Ministry of Housing and the General Authority for Zakat and Income Tax (ZAKA) called on all citizens who wish to own the first home, who meet the conditions stipulated in the Royal Order, "Country bears the value added tax of the first dwelling for no more than 850 thousand riyals from the purchase price of the dwelling" to issue a certificate by visiting the portal that was launched today.


In a joint press release on Monday, they announced that eligible citizens could register their applications electronically and issue an electronic certificate proving their entitlement to pay the country the value added tax for the first home, stressing that any citizen can buy his first home without paying the value added tax payable on the purchase and not exceeding the prices according to the Royal Order, through the registration of data in the portal dedicated to the tax charge through the following link (vat.housing.sa).The Ministry of Housing will handle the data and ensure that it meets the conditions and then issue a certificate of entitlement to the eligibility of the citizen wishing to buy it, which will be submitted to the property supplier at the time of purchase. The VAT will be paid to the supplier directly through the Ministry after verifying the validity of the sale and purchase process, required to be paid by the property supplier.


For its part, the Ministry of Housing confirmed that all beneficiaries officially listed in the current Ministry lists, or the lists of the Real Estate Development Fund will be automatically added to the electronic system, indicating that any citizen who wishes to own the first home can benefit from VAT, even if not of those listed on the Ministry's or Fund's lists.


At the beginning of the 2018 year witnessed the issuance of a package of royal orders aimed at relieving the citizens of the economic burdens and included the State's carrying value added tax of no more than (850.000 thousand) eight hundred and fifty thousand riyals of the price of buying the first residence of the citizen.


On February 5, 16 government agencies announced the launch of the "Sakani Program", one of the programs to achieve the vision of the Kingdom 2030, which aims to provide housing solutions for Saudi families, aiming to increase the ownership rate to 60% by 2020 and reach 70% by 2030, Through the program, many initiatives will be implemented that offer integrated residential solutions for citizens to obtain the suitable housing option. This will be done through the efforts of these agencies and overcoming all the obstacles that impede the implementation of their initiatives to enable citizens to own the house.