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Saturday 18 Rajab 1440 on March 23, 2019

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28/8/1439 -on- 13/05/2018Launching the "quality assurance" platform for housing preservation and monitoring during construction process.
The Minister of Housing, Majed bin Abdullah Al-Hogail, inaugurated on Monday the Sustainable Housing Forum, in the presence of the Minister of State for Energy Affairs, the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Saudi Energy Efficiency Center, His Royal Highness Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman bin Abdulaziz and a number of His Highnesses and Excellencies. HRH also launched quality system and sustainability assessment, which is part of the Ministry's programs within the framework of the policy of regulating the housing sector. The system aims to develop the sustainability of residential construction by setting standards for monitoring and guaranteeing the quality of buildings and raising the efficiency of energy consumption.
His Excellency explained that this step is an extension of the Ministry of Housing launched  programs and initiatives within the framework of the regulation policy of the sector and the facilitation of a balanced and sustainable housing environment, noting that its implementation brings many benefits to the housing in order to guarantee the quality and sustainability, The housing program, which is one of the programs of the Saudi Vision 2030, includes several initiatives to find financing solutions and various residential products that suit the needs and capabilities of citizens, as well as the development of real estate regulations .
"This system contributes to the achievement of many positive effects that serve the citizens, as it raises the quality level and reliability of housing units, which reduces the cost of operation and maintenance on the citizen, and contributes to the development of sustainability in residential construction by setting standards of control and quality assurance of building and increasing the efficiency of energy and water consumption, as well as raising the level of competition between private entities related to the inspection of buildings and quality assurance, thus finding a higher number of quality housing, as well as raising the level of efficiency of the parties in the construction sector and stimulate them, and reduce the potential risks and costs involved. " He added.
He pointed out that they will be benefiting from the outputs of the Saudi Real Estate Institute, which aims to rehabilitation of workers in the housing market and make them much more efficient, indicating that the Institute trained many workers in the sector and wishing to work in the Kingdom. He pointed out that the quality assurance system contributes in increasing opportunities of Real estate and commercial growth, the provision of consumer energy sources, facilitating communication between citizens, consulting offices, contractors and residents, as well as providing more employment opportunities for both genders in a variety of fields, including the engineering sector, evaluation and others.
For his part, the Minister of State for Energy Affairs and Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Saudi Energy Efficiency Center, His Royal Highness Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman bin Abdulaziz said that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia keen to achieve the concept of sustainable development in its three dimensions, economic, social and environmental, where the Ministry of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources, and stakeholders in the past three decades have been actively involved in many sustainable development meetings. Sustainability of cities and communities is one of the 17 sustainable development objectives that were adopted in 2016 during the United Nations Summit Sustainable development.
"The Kingdom, represented by the Ministry of Energy, has joined several global initiatives to contribute to the achievement of sustainable development objectives, notably the Innovation Initiative, the Global Methane Initiative, the Clean Energy Ministerial Forum Initiative and the Initiative of separation, sequestration, storing or using of CO2."He added.
Locally, HH stressed that there are many entities in the energy system that contribute to achieving these goals, including the National Committee for the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) which is concerned with the Kingdom's contribution to the management of carbon and climate change, including the reduction of emissions from the buildings and cities sector, which include Sustainable housing initiative.
In accordance with this methodology, the Center has sought early cooperation with the Ministry of Housing to develop and enhance joint coordination through the development of programs and mechanisms that contribute to the rationalization and efficiency of energy consumption in urban plans, units, buildings and residential and commercial complexes. The Ministry aims to take into consideration the rationalization of energy consumption in all its future projects.
On this day, we are all pleased that these joint efforts will culminate in the conclusion of a Memorandum of Understanding that will ensure the implementation of the Saudi Energy Efficiency Program's outputs in the projects that the Ministry is establishing, supervising, implementing, funding or supporting.
For his part, His Excellency the Governor of the Real Estate General Authority, Mr. Issam Al Mubarak, said that the Authority aims to make the real estate sector in the Kingdom a dynamic and attractive sector characterized by trust and innovation. He pointed out that the work of the Authority includes providing market transparency, building the sector's capabilities and stimulating investment in it.
"We are working through knowledge we get from the Saudi Real Estate Institute to benefit from the best global and local practices, and we hope that this important system will achieve the hoped-for support for the sector to develop and upgrade it." He added.
In turn, the CEO of the National Housing Services Company and the General Supervisor of the system stated that the system is working on applying the technical standards of building quality and energy efficiency in accordance with the Saudi Building Code, noting that it takes into consideration the best international practices and expertise in housing quality to activate it to fit the local environment, stressing that the system contributes to the creation of career opportunities for engineers, and supports the practice of entrepreneurship and part-time or full-time work, in addition to serving the efforts of several parties and works on integration with various relevant bodies.
The General Supervisor of the Real Estate Development Fund, Khalid Al-Amoudi, said that quality assurance serves a largest segment of the real estate fund beneficiaries who are interested in self-building, in addition to those wishing to obtain the loan product from the beneficiaries of the Ministry of Housing and enable citizens of obtaining financing for self-building more easily. The system in the quality of buildings examination, which helps raising citizens confidence in the real estate market.
"We are facing a unique solution in which the common goals of owning a home with the right quality and providing guarantees to the funders will reduce the risk of housing quality. It is also a unique and innovative solution to improve the quality of residential construction in the Kingdom and increase ownership." He added.
Mansour Almogbal director of quality assurance said that the system is a technical platform that provides a mechanism to examine the construction quality through certified engineers at the Saudi Real Estate Institute, indicating that this platform connects the next beneficiary to the construction of the engineers concerned, revealing that the system will later include ready-made houses to become part of the housing under construction, through standard criteria for examination and reporting on the status of the building. The system's e-platform can be visited through the link .
The program also works on a system to classify sustainability in residential buildings, which aims to promote sustainable buildings and improve the lifestyle by measuring the application of elements such as energy and water consumption, quality of materials, indoor air quality and others, building rating with accordance to the application of the standard required.