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Tuesday 18 Shaban 1440 on April 23, 2019

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19/7/1439 -on- 04/04/2018"Etmam" Complement the adoption of 76 residential plots with an area of 85 million m2
Developers Services Center "ETMAM" under the Ministry of Housing have completed a total of 89 residential plots with a total area of more than 118 million square meters. 76 schemes have been approved by the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs. The remaining schemes will be completed in the coming period according to the regulations and procedures which is adopted by the program, while records for the last of March the highest demand for the development of residential plans during the last period.
The general supervision of the Developers Services Center "ETMAM" Mohammed bin Saud  Al-Ghazawani explained: "The completion of the accreditation procedures for these 76 schemes is done in a record time with an average of 15 days, after the submission of real estate developers for all the reasons for accreditation of these schemes, indicating that the projects were distributed to all regions of the Kingdom, the total area amounted to 85,393,796.49 million square meters.
He added that the adoption of these schemes will add a large number of housing units, which is expected to exceed 200 thousand housing units, which will contribute to meet the needs of citizens in a number of regions of the Kingdom. It will stimulate the developmental aspects of the residential urban environment, , with 76 plans approved in all regions of the Kingdom. There are 15 plans adopted in Makkah, 11 in Riyadh and Asir, and two in Ha'il, Tabuk and Jawf, five in Eastern province and Jizan, 10 in Al Madinah, as was planned and four schemes in Qassim and 9 in Al Baha.
Al-Ghazawani said that "Etmam" center is continuing the completion of the procedures for the adoption of 13 other schemes for housing projects that expected to add more than 50 thousand housing units. The schemes were distributed as follows: three schemes in the Riyadh region, two schemes in Ha'il, the eastern region, Madinah, Jawf, Tabuk, Mecca, Northern Borders, and Najran.
It is noteworthy that the Developers Services Center "ETMAM" seeks through the services provided to overcome the obstacles that facing the adoption of residential schemes in the Kingdom to contribute in the increasing  of the housing units supply and provide them at affordable prices for citizens.