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Tuesday 13 Rabia ath-Thani 1441 on December 10, 2019

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14/3/1440 -on- 22/11/2018"Housing" coordinates with government agencies to register their rental contracts in" Ejar"

Pursuant to the Council of Ministers resolution..
"Housing" coordinates with government agencies to register their rental contracts in" Ejar"

The General Supervisor of land Regulation in the Ministry of Housing, Mazen bin Mohammed Al-Daoud, confirmed that the Council of Ministers resolution to register all government entities for their rental contracts in the Ejar services online network is in line with the role of  "Ejar" program is the organization of the real estate tenancy sector and facilitate its procedures and transactions through neutral systems and mechanisms that stimulate investment in it and maintain a balance sector by security standards, safeguard the rights to the rental process parties.

He indicated that the decision seeks to unify the registration network of real estate rental contracts in the Kingdom at all levels and sectors, in order to facilitate the conduct of rental transactions and prove them to enhance trust between parties through a single network for both government agencies or the private sector individuals and institutions, and recording the mutual obligations between landlords and tenants and real estate agents In the housing sector for rent, to be an effective means to follow up the rental contracts for public and private sector.

He pointed out that the Council of Ministers resolution included urging the Ministry of Housing, represented by "Ejar" program to activate the network beneficiaries to pay monthly on time, which is one of the most important benefits available to users of the rental services network, because of the reduction of risks and facilitate the process of fulfilling the tenant financial obligations to the lease without delay, noting that the e- payment service facilitates financial collection procedures and helps to follow the financial operations and speaks for the parties to contract (landlord and tenant) for monetary transactions, and is considered evidence adopted of the reimbursement process.

He added: "Through the registration of leases in the network can benefit from unified rental contract its wording of the articles written by legal experts, and used as an executive to meet the needs of investors and consumers, and contributes to reduce the disputes sizes related to the real estate tenancy sector, and improve the performance of the sector and raise its contribution to the GDP" , adding that the process of developing the of rental services e-network is ongoing. However, the advantage of registration of residential rental contracts in a rental network is available free of charge until the end of 2018 in order to support the beneficiaries of the real estate tenancy sector and to facilitate the procedures and incentive to document valid and new rental contracts, utilization of services and privileges of the network.
It is worth noting that the Cabinet issued a number of resolutions in its meeting held on Tuesday under the chairmanship of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. The Ministry of Housing, in coordination with other government agencies, registered its real estate rental contracts through the online rental services network. Through the rental services e-network to motivate the parties to the leases to pay rent on time monthly, and to deal with payments of the rental services network in terms of pay fee of e-payment service and the treatment of payments for other government entities to this service.