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Friday 7 Shawwal 1441 on May 29, 2020

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2/2/1440 -on- 12/10/20189 thousand authorized real estate agents registered in "ejar" network.

The ejar program of the Ministry of Housing revealed that the number of registered real estate agents in the rental electronic network exceeded 9 thousand licensed real estate brokers in all regions of the Kingdom, indicating that there is a good demand from real estate agents in registration and get credit since the launch this year.

The General Supervisor of Real Estate Regulation in the Ministry of Housing Mazen bin Mohammed Al-Daoud said that the Ministry of Housing through the "ejar" program and the e-network of rental services has launched a number of services and developed in order to smooth and facilitate the work of real estate agents, which increases their operational efficiency and improve quality. The services offered to their customers and increase the return on investment. He pointed out that registered real estate brokers can benefit from contract documentation services and perform their tasks at any time and place, where he can follow the performance indicators of his rental operations, regularize real estate units in the network, access the vacancies and no vacancies units and singing in brokered agreements, registration of rental contracts and sending them to the contract parties to electronically record them via the "Abashir" platform. They can also view, save and follow up on contracts electronically and receive alert messages for the beginning and nearing of the contract. Issuance of the documents of bonds and payment electronically after receipt of the rent.

He pointed out that during the current year, the "real estate brokers" application, which enables the broker to register data in the network and update it, which contributes to the marketing of its establishment through application, and enables the lessee and lessor to identify the list of real estate agents accredited in the network and search for the address of the nearest real estate broker, That unregistered real estate brokers can join the network by visiting the ejar website at https://ejar.sa// to take advantage of the network services and obtain an authorized real estate broker certificate automatically after passing the electronic training course.

Al-Daoud explained that ejar network also provides a service that enables brokerage firms to appoint employees and give them powers to carry out the work of the establishment. The director of the establishment can also monitor the work of the employees remotely. Afterwards, the data of the parties to the rental process are entered once, so that they are automatically retrieved after verification of the personal identity of the parties to the contract with the possibility of adding more parties to the rental contracts after they are documented and recorded in the network.

He added: "Ejar network offers several advantages related to financial regulation so that the broker and the lessee can collect the amounts electronically through SADAD service. It is also possible to agree and coordinate with the tenant to receive the rent payments either monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually." 20% of the modern contracts benefited from the monthly payment service, which indicates the high turnout of the parties to the rental process on this vital service.

He pointed out that the ejar e-network was connected electronically with the "Abshar" platform in order to verify the accuracy of the data entered by the real estate broker, thus ensuring the accuracy of the information entered and fight against identity fraud. as one of the important steps towards regulating the real estate rental sector and enhancing confidence in its dealings.