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Wednesday 12 Shawwal 1441 on June 3, 2020

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28/1/1440 -on- 08/10/2018"Ejar is the first paradigm shift" ..new concept for real estate lease.

The Ministry of Housing has re-drafted and regulated the concept of real estate leases in the Kingdom through the launch of "Ejar" program and its activities, including the establishment of an e-rental services network that includes many distinguishable services aimed at facilitating the rental process and its procedures. Therefore, revitalization of the control and oversight activity which is based on sensitising real estate brokers and follow up the application of rules and regulations.

The Ministry has begun to define ejar program under the title "Ejar is the first shift". One of its most important programs is to organize the real estate sector, which aims at introducing the advantages of the rental services web site (www.ejar.sa) to all parties to the leasing process (tenant, landlord and real estate broker) and its current and future impact of the real estate and residential rental sector in particular, through increasing confidence in its financial and contractual transactions, and facilitating its procedures with advanced electronic tools, will have a significant impact on improving the investment environment and reducing the risk by preserving rights and reducing the duration of litigation on documented residential leases through consider it as executive accredited by the judicial authorities.

Ejar offers many of the tenant's electronic features, such as facilitating and repaying rental payments in various options (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, yearly) through the bank's payment system that would eliminate the need of bonds and vouchers thus helping the tenants to lead its expenses and savings. To meet its financial obligations better, and to issue accurate statistical data on the rental sector to help the investor making the most successful investment decision, so as to balance the supply and demand.

"Ejar" enables all parties to the rental process to follow up on contracts and receive textual notices impending contract expiration or its beginning or the payment and receipt of a lease payment, which requires the registration of all the property statements and verification of the contracting parties identities by a licensed real estate agent in ejar network for documenting contracts over the network, This comes in conjunction with the launch of ejar program for"real estate brokers" application to search for and distinguish between accredited real estate brokers, which enhances confidence and reduces potential conflicts.

The e-network "ejar" was officially launched on 12 of last February, where the Ministry of Housing worked during the past months to hold workshops covering most of the Kingdom to sensitise real estate agents and collect their proposals. The "ejar" program is one of the Ministry of Housing initiatives.