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Friday 19 Ramadan 1440 on May 24, 2019

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28/8/1439 -on- 13/05/2018"Housing" signs a number of agreements to promote sustainability.
The Ministry of Housing has signed through "sustainability program" a number of agreements to promote sustainability and quality assurance on the sidelines of the Sustainable Housing Forum, which was inaugurated by His Excellency Minister of Housing Mr. Majed bin Abdullah Al-Hogail and attended by the State Minister for Energy Affairs and Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Saudi Energy Efficiency Center HRH prince Abdulaziz bin Salman bin Abdulaziz and a number of Highnesses, Excellencies and officials have also attended the forum.
The Ministry has signed "sustainability program" an agreement with the Saudi Energy Efficiency Center to implement the Saudi Energy Efficiency Program's outputs on the urban plans, units, buildings, residential and commercial complexes that are established, supervised, funded or supported by the Ministry.
It also signed an agreement with the National Committee for Saudi Building Code. The agreement aims for integration in the implementation of the Saudi Building code in the projects which supervised by "sustainability program "in the housing sector, in addition to improving the efficiency, safety, durability and sustainability of the buildings in accordance with the Saudi Building Code, in order to give feedback for the national committee to develop the outcomes of the Saudi Building code.
The Ministry also signed an agreement with the Real Estate Development Fund to integrate the e-platform and the implementation of the sustainability program to follow up the progress and quality of the self-building projects for the beneficiaries of the support loan in the REDF, in addition to the integration in qualifying engineering cadre of the Fund as accredited examiners.
Also, an agreement was signed with the Ministry of Labor and Social Development. The agreement aims at creating and establishing high value jobs and qualifying national cadres to join the program as accredited examiners in quality assurance and sustainability, as well as designing various training programs suited to the qualifications of the program participants.
The ministry also signed "sustainability program" an agreement with the National Gas and Industrialization Company to work and co-ordinate in the fields of gas supply and related to the residential neighborhoods associated with the Ministry of Housing projects, as well as joint work to provide the best technical methods and practices for the internal gas network connections in the residential units in the related projects to the ministry.
An agreement was signed with the Saudi council of engineers aims to integrate in achieving the dissemination of a culture of green buildings and the sustainability of buildings, and to improve the efficiency of energy, in addition to upgrading the capacities of engineers and technicians to adopt training and rehabilitation curricula, in order to qualify them and follow up the progress and quality of building projects for the housing sector.Moreover, an agreement was signed with the Saudi Contractors Authority to integrate and strengthen the contracting industry, build competencies in this sector, in addition to cooperate in creating standard model contracts, and continuously participate in the technical standards required in the construction process for development and integration.
During the forum they will review a number of successful experiences in the area of sustainability and quality assurance, most notably the Malaysian experience, sustainability experience in the UK, and will include a number of sessions involving local and international experts and specialists from King Abdulaziz University, the Economic City Commission, the University of Singapore and others.