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Tuesday 18 Shaban 1440 on April 23, 2019

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11/7/1439 -on- 27/03/20183 weeks after its launch .. 65% of Yanbu housing project has been booked.
The Ministry of Housing, represented by "Sakani" program announced the completion of the reservation of nearly 65 percent of the project, "Rawasinn Yanbu," where the number of housing units that were booked three weeks after the launch of the exhibition about 424 housing units.
The ministry said in a press statement on Tuesday continuation of booking procedure of the project land north of Yanbu Al-Bahr city, noting that the project is strategically located along Corniche Street, less than 500 meters from the Red Sea coast. 15-kilometer form Prince Abdulmohsen bin Abdul Aziz Airport. It is also close to all facilities as it is located within the urban area and not more than 11 km from the city center, 9 km from the general hospital and technical college, and not more than 15 km from the branch of the University of Taiba and the port.
The project offers 660 housing units ranging from apartments and townhouses to multiple spaces and suitable prices starting from 420 thousand riyals and does not exceed 750,000 riyals. The total area of the project is about 235 thousand square meters. Suitable for the beneficiaries of housing subsidy and meet their needs, with all the guarantees on the quality of construction and the price appropriate for the segment of beneficiaries.
According to the ministry, the project is designed to accommodate 368 housing units of an apartment type and 292 townhouses with adequate areas for Saudi families. The project includes green areas and recreational parks. Is also considered completed in infrastructure and includes sites for service facilities consisting of two mosques, two schools and a health center, parks and children's playgrounds, as well as a shopping center.
On the details of the housing units, the statement clarified that it includes two models of apartments with an areas of 225 square meters consisting of 5 rooms designed and divided to meet the wishes of all families, while the housing units of the type of townhouse areas of up to 380 square meters of two floors, and different areas and designs , Consists of reception facilities and 4 bedrooms, plus a loft room.
The Ministry of Housing announced early this year the launch of the second phase of the "Sakani 2018" program, which includes the allocation of 300 thousand residential and funding products, including 125 thousand housing units in partnership with the private sector and 75 thousand residential land provided for free, in addition to 100 thousand support loans by a partnership between the Real Estate Development Fund, banks and financial institution.
In the first three batches of this year, more than 60,000 residential and funding products were allocated in various regions of the Kingdom. In relation to the booking fairs, the Ministry announced the completion of reservations of many exhibitions in various cities of the Kingdom such as the project north of Riyadh, the Tahliya gate Jeddah and a number of projects in the eastern region that distributed in Dammam, Al Khobar and Al Ahsa, in addition to the Khamis Mushayt housing projects, Abha, and two projects in Rabigh governorate. In addition, to ready villas projects in Baish, Al Khobar, Al Mubarraz, Ramah, AlGofol and AlQunfudhah.