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22/1/1439 -on- 12/10/2017

An online platform for the development of the Facilities Management Sector.

Mohammed Bin Muammar, CEO of the National Housing Services Company, stressed the keenness of the Ministry of Housing to develop the facilities management sector to enhance the principle of sustainability in buildings and facilities. Referring to the Ministry's launching of the facilities management platform,and the steps taken by it through its multiple experiences in the landlords federation, which will focus on the localization and rehabilitation of youths and open multiple opportunities before them. In order to contribute to the development of the sector.
During the "Facilities Management Role in Achieving Saudi Vision 2030" conference held in Riyadh recently, Bin Muammar discussed with the participation of several real estate professionals and experts as well as the employees of the National Housing Services Company,to the accessibility and adherence in the service providers' platform which ensures accuracy, cautious and transparency. To ensures that all is distinctive and appropriate to the needs of the beneficiary, where the platform adopted the evaluation system to motivate service providers to deliver high quality in an integrated manner and enhance competitiveness.
He pointed out that the Saudi Real Estate Institute, which was inaugurated in August 2017, will offer a number of specialized courses, including the Facilities Management Course that provides a professionalism certificate for its graduates. 200 people have registered on the first month courses of the Institute.
The role of Facilities Management in achieving Saudi Vision 2030 is to discussed a number of topics related to the housing sector and the development of facilities management in order to transform Saudi cities into smart cities, as well as providing direct solutions and global standards that contribute in providing distinguished services and world-class expertise in the area of facilities management.