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19/1/1439 -on- 09/10/2017

"The Sales Professional on the off-plan sale" is the first course of the Saudi Real Estate Institute.

The Saudi Real Estate Institute launched its first training course on Sunday as part of its strategy to provide specialized training courses to regulate the real estate market in the Kingdom and to qualify a number of employees or those wishing to work in this crucial sector. "Sales Professional on the off-plan sale " aims to clarify the instructions and terms of the off-plan sale  and target investors and real estate developers.
The session started with a speech by the Executive Director of the Saudi Real Estate Institute, Eng. Fawzi Bin Sulaiman Al-Ayouni, during which he welcomed the participants of this session, wishing them success and achieving their specific objectives through the approved training program. Wishing for the course participant to pass the test and to acquire the professional certification, to be a jump-start for better awareness in real estate field. Therefore, raise the efficiency of those wishing to enter the real estate market.
For his part, the General Supervisor of the Saudi Real Estate Institute, Mr. Mohammed bin Faisal bin Muammar, said that this training course comes as the first step of the Real Estate Institute in the field of rehabilitation and training of employees in this sector, stressing that it will be followed by many training programs and specialized courses during the coming period in the areas of construction, building and Real Estate. The Institute aims to disseminating knowledge and raise the efficiency of the real estate market and increase the proportion of Saudis staff in this sector.
He added that the number of enrollments in the Institute's courses exceeded 200 trainees so far, stressing that the Institute will work to schedule additional courses in the event of completing the number of trainees in any course announced, in order to accommodate the largest number of those wishing to enroll in the training programs.
For his part, the Secretary General of the off-plan sale or rent program "Wafi" Mr. Mohammed bin Saud Al-Ghazwani that the strategic partnership between Wafi and the Saudi Real Estate Institute will contribute to provide an integrated view on the basics and details of the practice of selling and renting real estate off-plan units  and the application of regulations governing this sector. The program aims to establish such partnerships that will play an active role in building a balanced real estate market that consisting of Saudi cadre that are distinctive and qualified in line with Saudi Arabia's development plans in accordance with its  Saudi Vision 2030 and the National Transformation  Program 2020.
He pointed out that the training course will focus on clarifying the most important instructions and provisions of the off-plan sales program and allowing Saudi youth to acquire additional skills in order to work in this field. This course will focus on the illustration of the most important instructions ,policies of off-plan sale, the frameworks and restrictions they follow. The role of consultant developer, engineering and legal accountant,and the most significant duties in the program projects, as well as access to the engineering and financial reports, which target investors and developers, real estate and engineering consultants and accountants.
It is worth mentioning that the Saudi Real Estate Institute was inaugurated in the presence of His Excellency Minister of Housing Majed bin Abdullah Al-Hogail early last month, as one of the initiatives of the Ministry of Housing in cooperation with the (Technical and Vocational Training Corporation) to provide a number of specialized courses and training programs in the fields of construction, building and real estate, to contribute in organizing market and increase the proportion of Saudis employees in the real estate sector in the Kingdom.Where the Saudi Real Estate Institute will become an educational entity specialized in the provision of real estate sciences and rehabilitation of workers in the real estate market and the granting of professional certificates accredited in cooperation with many international partners and international specialists in the field of real estate, in order to raise the efficiency of Saudi cadres and achieve the Saudi vision of 2030.