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11/8/1440 -on- 16/04/2019

"Sakani" issues its third monthly report .. And publishes pictures of the latest project

It discloeses16 projects in the three main cities.
"Sakani" issues its third monthly report .. And publishes pictures of the latest project's updates.

The "Sakani" program of the Ministry of Housing issued its third monthly report this year, which includes the highlights of the program for the month of March, where the report published pictures of the construction updates in the projects that have been implemented, and detailed breakdown of households that benefited during the first quarter of this year from the options and the funding solutions provided by the program. The full report can be found by visiting the program's website or https://sakani.housing.sa/sakani-reports.

According to the report published on the programs' website, there are 16 housing projects that will provide 24,529 housing units, ranging from villas, townhouses and apartments, which will soon be available for registration to the Ministry of Housing and Real Estate Development Fund, including 6 projects in Riyadh city and they are (ldun altakhsisiu, telal alqirwan, eamayir alairjan, saraya alnarjis, tiraz al'afaqa, alolaya alakaria , maskan hayts) which provides about 6773 housing units, and 6 new projects to be available for reservation in the Eastern Province providing 3544 housing units and 4 projects in Jeddah providing 14,212 housing units with complete infrastructure, Water, electricity and telecommunications, Lighting, sidewalks, urban pavement, landscaping, parks etc., in addition to the allocation of a number of sites for public service facilities.

The report reviewed the follow-up of the implementation of 46 projects distributed over 16 cities around the Kingdom, the rates of achievement and the number of units and reservations in each project, in addition to the ready-made projects which amounted to 38 projects with an average price of 350 thousand riyals.

The report also addressed the objectives of "Sakani" in 2019, and facilitate the ownership of 200 thousand Saudi families through one of the housing and financing solutions provided by "Sakani" from the purchase of ready-made units of the market, units under construction, conversion of the additional loan to subsidies, And financing loans for the military personnel, indicating that about 50 percent of Saudi households preferred to get ready units of the market, as one of the housing options and financing solutions provided by the program, in order to enable the Saudi family to own the first housing. As one of the housing options and financing solutions provided by the program, within the framework of its objectives to enable the Saudi family to own the first home within the options and facilities provided in partnership with the private sector.
The monthly report includes free residential land and developed plots. In March, 13 new plots were added to provide 6,852 plots of land in six regions. However, through the "Sakani" program, the Ministry of Housing offers an e-platform to display residential plans in electronic form, the event is part of 62 residential plans that are distributed across the Kingdom's various regions and cities and can be accessed through the "Sakani" portal. The portal includes new services launched by "Sakani" and a number of news related to the real estate sector.

The "Sakani" program issued a monthly report reveals the number of beneficiaries of housing solutions provided by the program, where he issued two detailed reports in January and February, disclose the number of beneficiaries, the total beneficiaries in January and February, about 26,005 families, including 13,538 they had occupied, and the program announced the names of 200 thousand citizens who can benefit this year from the various options provided by the program "Sakani 2019" Which allows ready housing units within the projects of the ministry and units under construction in partnership with real estate developers, free land and subsidized loans (home finance)to take advantage of the purchase of ready-made units from the market, self-building of land owners and financing of the additional loan, aiming to accelerate ownership and increase percentage to 70% 2030 in accordance with the objectives of the "Eskan" program "One of the Saudi Vision 2030 programs ", and reduce the waiting lists and provide more suitable housing opportunities for different groups of society in all regions of the Kingdom.