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8/8/1440 -on- 13/04/2019

"Sakani" provides 13 new residential schemes for free land in 6 regions.

Bringing the total number of residential schemes available in the portal to 62.

"Sakani" provides 13 new residential schemes for free land in 6 regions.

The "sakani" program iportal of the Ministry of Housing has added a number of new plans within the recently launched residential plans to allow the beneficiaries of the free land option to choose the appropriate residential plan for them without having to visit the branches of the ministry. The portal has so far provided 62 plans and more plans will follow in the coming period.

The Ministry of Housing indicated in a press statement today that it has made electronic selection for 13 new plans distributed in 6 areas, providing about 6852 free land is being completed infrastructure works, which include water, electricity, telecommunications, lighting, sidewalks, paving roads, landscaping and gardens. In addition to designated sites for public service facilities. The new plans included two plots of land in the Al Baha area containing 1016 plans, including 737 pieces of land in Al-Aqiq province and 279 plots of land in Al-Hameed Scheme, located near the famous Al-Sukran Park. Al'shaghal land plan in the Sakaka city, which is include about 240 pieces of land of Al-jowf governorate, and 4 schemes in the Asir region distributed between its cities and provinces, including the scheme of the south and the plan of Mahayel Khawram, which provide 1578 land and Alnmas and North Abha plans of 2302 plots of land.

The ministry also added three plans in the Ha'il city, including the scheme of Sulaimi, which contains 209 land, and a scheme of successful 228 land, and Shamli plan adjacent to the palm grove and provides about 188 plots of land for free, and added planners in Najran is a scheme of Nozha in the province of Sharura contains 545 land and planned in the Najran city with 350 pieces of land, and in Riyadh provided 196 land in AlUyaynah city.

The Ministry of Housing clarified that the registered beneficiary of the Ministry of Housing is able to visit the "sakani" program portal and then choose "residential solutions" and then click on the option of free residential land or direct entry at https://sakani.housing.sa/plans- map and choose the appropriate plan and then complete the registration form before going later to visit the branch to finalize the final procedures for obtaining the land after the issuance of approvals, noting that it will continue to provide all facilities to the beneficiaries of the citizens to achieve their aspirations.

The ministry pointed out that these steps come in the framework of providing more options for citizens to enable them to obtain adequate housing that meets their wishes, increasing the proportion of housing ownership to 60% by 2020 and reach 70% by 2030 according to the objectives of the "eskan" program – one of the Saudi Vision 2030 programs.

The "sakani" program of the Ministry of Housing has allocated about 207,296 plots of land in different parts of the Kingdom, including 50 thousand free plots which have been allocated this year, where the delivery of free land in various areas are continuing, and the program provides many housing options and financing solutions for beneficiaries to include. In addition to free land, prefabricated housing units within the Ministry's projects and units under construction in partnership with real estate developers and home finance (subsidized loans) to benefit from the purchase of prefabricated units from the market, self-construction of land owners, and conversion of additional loan avail to home finance.