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"Ready-made villas" are still being delivered in a number of housing projects during March. 

Covering 8 regions and distributed in more than 20 projects.
"Ready-made villas" are still being delivered in a number of housing projects during March. 

The "Sakani" program of the Ministry of Housing has continued to hand over housing units of villas type in a number of its ready projects distributed in a number of cities and regions of the Kingdom. The delivery in March continued in 20 projects located in eight areas. delivery procedures are carried out after beneficiaries have completed the booking and signed the final contract

The Ministry pointed out that last month the delivery of housing units in 6 projects in Riyadh city, including Ramah housing, Thadiq, Zulfi, Shaqra, Al Uyaynah and Aflaj, in addition to continuing delivery of projects in Macca city in both Qunfudhah and Khurma, and the Ministry's projects in the Eastern Province Al-Khobar, Al-Mubarraz, Al-Ahsa and Hafr Al-Batin. The project includes 5 projects in Al-Qassim,Riyadh-Alkhabra, Al-Nabhaniyah, Unayzah, Buraydah, and Al-Badayea. In Jizan, Bisha housing, Samtah housing and Sabya housing although in the Northern Borders Province, Rafha Housing and Arar Housing, In addition to the Ha'il housing in the Hail city, and the housing of Al-Makhwah in the Al-Baha city.

The Ministry of Housing projects are distributed to ready-made residential units in a number of cities and governorates of the Kingdom. The Ministry announced 38 projects with a total area of 500 square meters per villa as part of its housing projects launched during 2017. These projects include infrastructure integration, public utilities, sidewalks, lighting, electricity and water services, green area, parks and children's playgrounds, mosques and grand mosques, , And the designation of sites for government agencies of educational and health facilities and others, and these projects provide more than 12 thousand housing units.

For his part, the official spokesman of the Ministry of Housing Saif bin Salem Al Swailem on the continuation of the ministry in providing more housing and financing options for citizens, and continue to pump the various housing units in the market commensurate with the wishes of citizens and their need to collaboration and partnership with the private sector and qualified developers, Which are provided by a "sakani" program for its beneficiaries, such as self-build, market purchase and lands free of charge.

He stressed the keenness of the ministry and its periodic and strict follow-up of the level of completion in projects according to timetables agreed upon by real estate developers, as well as the quality of implementation according to local standards and international standards adopted, and in line with the objectives of the "eskan" program, one of the Saudi vision 2030 programs, To increase homeownership to about 70% by 2030.

In early 2017, the Ministry of Housing launched the first phase of the "sakani" program, during which more than 282 thousand housing and financing options were allocated. In 2018 the second phase of the "sakani" program concluded with the allocation of more than 300 thousand housing and financing options exceeding the target figure, and this year the Ministry announced the allocation of 200 thousand housing options for citizens registered in the lists of the Ministry of Housing and REDF.
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