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4/8/1440 -on- 09/04/2019

Issuing the minutes of the real estate units subdivision electronically within 5 days.

The Ministry of Housing's "units subdivision" program has reduced the period of issue of the screening minutes, which enables the issuance of free standing instruments for units listed in buildings, real estate, commercial complexes and residential units for a period not exceeding 5 days. The owner can then review the Notary public for the receipt of instruments according to the Ministry of Justice procedures, Through the electronic services provided via the units subdivision portal

The program aims to serve real estate owners and real estate developers. In order to enable them to complete the units subdivisions procedures for the purpose of obtaining the free standing instruments of the units that are sorted. The owners will be able to invest in the unit or sell it or find different solutions for the uses while ensuring their rights and good use of the property. Which provides through the portal for the owners of residential units and real estate complexes as well as real estate developers the possibility of applying for the classification of units required and choose the engineering office from among the qualified engineering offices portal in full electronic format.

The General Supervisor of Real Estate Regulation at the Ministry of Housing, Mazen bin Mohammed Al-Daoud, said that the development of electronic solutions serves the owners of real estate, in addition to the engineering offices through which the screening procedures are conducted. Although its provide qualified engineering office evaluation, which will contribute to the receipt of requests from more beneficiaries, and will contribute to push other engineering offices with less evaluation to improve their services in order to compete with the distinctive engineering offices, and access to higher Quality standards in the output of the engineering offices, where the beneficiary will have several options in selecting the engineering offices that ensure the excellence of credibility and quality assurance, and create a competitive environment that contributes to the provision of better services.

Al-Daoud pointed out that the number of engineering offices that have joined to provide screening services through the units subdivisions portal exceeded 635 approved and qualified engineering offices, through which beneficiaries can obtain the screening minutes before completing the procedures required to receive the titles of ownership of real estate units.

The "units subdivisions" program is one of the programs launched by the Ministry of Housing, and has attracted a large number of beneficiaries in the field of real estate, where the program from its cruising at the beginning of 2017 sorting more than 61 thousand real estate units with a total area of more than 24 million square meters, where Statistics indicate the growing number of beneficiaries of the program in conjunction with the services and solutions provided by the ministry.