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28/7/1440 -on- 03/04/2019

"Developmental Housing" signed with "Built contracting" to build 3 thousand housing units in 3 regions.


Within a series of agreements spread across 17 cities and counties.

"Developmental Housing" signed with "Built contracting" to build 3 thousand housing units in 3 regions.


The "Developmental Housing" Program of the Ministry of Housing signed an agreement with Built Contracting Company (ranked among the leading national companies in the contracting profession in the Saudi Arabia Kingdom) to implement 5 housing projects in a number of cities and governorates for the beneficiaries of the program registered in the Ministry's lists. The signing ceremony was held on Wednesday in the presence of Minister of Housing Majed bin Abdullah Al-Hogail at the ministry's headquarters.


The agreement includes the construction of 3130 housing units in five locations, which are divided into two projects in the Riyadh city with 250 housing units in Ad Dawadimi town, 200 housing units in Al-Majmaah, 1000 housing units in Ha'il, 1345 housing units in Buraidah and 335 in Unaizah.


The "Developmental Housing" Program indicated in a press statement that this agreement is a continuation of a series of agreements aimed at building housing units in a number of cities and governorates, indicating that it covers the needs in Ad Dawadmi, Al-Majmaah, Buraidah, Unaizah and Ha'il. 17 cities and governorates, in addition to the previously announced building agreement distributed to Zulfi, Thadiq, Shaqra, Ramah, Al-Kharj,Ad Dawadmi, Rania, Khulais, Rabigh, Yanbu, Hanakiya and Nabhaniyah.


For his part, the General Supervisor of the "Developmental Housing" Program, Eng. Mazen bin Mohammed Al-Daoud, stressed the program's keenness to provide more housing units to beneficiaries in various regions of the Kingdom. He stressed the continuation in pumping more residential units for beneficiaries, through the integration with the non-profit sector represented by charities.


In turn, the General Manager of Built Contracting Company. Sulaiman bin Abdulaziz Al Batli said that the company is committed to implementing the agreement and started building residential units in the specified locations according to the agreed timetables, in appreciation of the "developmental housing" program.


The construction of residential units as one of the developmental housing options designed to provide more housing units that fit the needs of each family and the nature of the sites you reside in, through the conclusion of agreements with major construction companies, as well as through the empowerment of small and medium enterprises of contractors with the participation of developmental housing to build housing units according to the opportunities offered through "Banaa" platform.


The "Developmental Housing" Program is one of the "Eskan" Program initiatives within the Saudi vision 2030. It aims to meet the needs of the beneficiaries of the program and enable them to own or use the appropriate housing according to their needs. The program concluded many agreements and partnerships with charities and contracting companies' associations spread across all regions and governorates of the Kingdom, to undertake the tasks of communication thus visiting families and help them to choose adequate housing, follow-up delivery, management and operation of housing units.