Spending a total of 25 million riyals from "land fees" for the development of the North Riyadh Housing Project. | Ministry of Housing

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25/7/1440 -on- 31/03/2019

Spending a total of 25 million riyals from "land fees" for the development of the North Riyadh Housing Project.

 The "Idle lands tax system" of the Ministry of Housing announced the disbursement of 25 million riyals to complete the first phase of the implementation and delivery of infrastructure services in the housing project north of Riyadh on the ministry's territory's west of the airport, indicating that this amount represents part of the program revenues collected from Fees levied on Idle land within the urban boundary of the declared cities in its first phase.

The program indicated in a press statement today that Article 15 of the of the Idle Lands tax system Regulations stipulates that the amounts collected are disposed to develop infrastructure projects according to the following text: "The Ministry shall specify the aspects of the disbursement from the special account of the amounts collected from fees and fines on housing projects, thus providing public services and utilities for residents. "

 The program confirmed that there is an integrated plan for the disbursement of revenues collected from fees in the development of infrastructure projects and the delivery of public services in a number of projects under the Ministry of Housing, where in the coming period they will follow up the need in a number of housing projects, including power stations establishment, delivery of electricity and water services, treatment plants, and other services required by such projects.

The "Idle Lands" program is one of the Ministry of Housing programs announced during 2016 and is implemented in the first phase in Riyadh, Jeddah and the capital of Dammam and Makkah. Total payment orders in the four cities are about 1200 payment orders for a total area exceeding 411 million meters Square