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23/7/1440 -on- 29/03/2019

"Housing" concludes its participation in the Dubai Real Estate Exhibition. 

There was a great turnout in the ministry's pavilion.
"Housing" concludes its participation in the Dubai Real Estate Exhibition. 

The Saudi Ministry of Housing concluded yesterday its participation in the second edition of the International Real Estate Exhibition held in Dubai, which is one of the most important events related to the housing sector and the real estate sector. The pavilion attracted many real estate professionals, investors and developers from around the world to learn about the ministry's efforts and services.

The pavilion presented at the exhibition a definition of the off-plan sales model in Saudi Arabia, highlighted the current and future projects and the characteristics and systems that protect buyers and investors. , In the framework of efforts to highlight this type of real estate development and its importance in providing housing units for those wishing to own and buy early in projects under construction before or during the project implementation stage, either from the beneficiaries of the Ministry of Housing or through projects implemented in partnership with the private sector. On the sidelines of the exhibition, the General Supervisor of the Real Estate Development Agency at the Ministry of Housing, Mohammed bin Saud Al-Ghazzwani met with the State secretary of  Le Ministere de l'Amanagement du Territoire National, de l'Urbanisme, de l'Habitat in the Kingdom of Morocco, Fatna Lakhel and the accompanying delegation, during which they discussed the mutual cooperation and investment opportunities offered by the two countries in support of the housing sector and to enable citizens to own housing with high quality. They are keen to increase cooperation between the two countries in the housing field, in a way that reflects the relations between the two kingdoms and their keenness to cooperate in light of the growth witnessed by the real estate market of both sides.

The Dubai Property Festival was launched for the first time by the Dubai Land Department in collaboration with the International Real Estate Exhibition in April 2018, during which it hosted an array of activities to exchange knowledge, establish relationships and transactions in order to provide sellers and buyers with opportunities to interact and explore available investment opportunities in the real estate sector worldwide.

The exhibition offers several opportunities to showcase real estate investments, connect industry leaders in the fields of construction and acquisition of knowledge about the real estate market, exchange experiences and learn about other countries experiences. The exhibition witnessed the first and second years of the exhibition, and the presence of more than 20 thousand visitors this year, with 51% of visitors, with 131 exhibitors from 143 countries.