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12/7/1440 -on- 18/03/2019"Sakani" launches mobile application to facilitate communication with beneficiaries.

Known as residential solutions and available new projects.
"Sakani" launches mobile application to facilitate communication with beneficiaries.

The "Sakani" program of the Ministry of Housing today launched its latest version of the "Sakani" mobile application, which supports the operating systems on both Android and iOS, providing beneficiaries with more than 15 services, enabling them to identify the options and housing solutions and funding provided by the program for families wishing to benefit from the Ministry of Housing's programs with ease, from anywhere and at all times, in addition to the possibility of identifying residential projects and making an appointment to visit them.

The "Sakani" program official application, which provided in Arabic version, and includes a number of services that the beneficiaries need from registering and updating data, reviewing the list of registrants and beneficiaries of the previous installments. Although different solutions and projects available in each region and city. In order to complete the final booking procedures at the project site.

The application also includes a detailed guide to beneficiary statistics, accessibility and identification of other ministries' programs, electronic assistance, filed a complaints and proposals, common questions about the program and all available options and conditions of support for all citizens. The application also provides alerts and preferences of favorable options. In addition to the news of the Ministry's media center. Moreover, the possibility of access and download monthly housing reports.

The application takes into consideration the principles of privacy and the latest security protection standards, so that the user from various programs and options of the ministry to implement the required services and review personal data in a safe and simple, and the program considered applying of standards to leveraged from users and to enhance the use of the program and the information that provides interactively.
The "Sakani" program is one of the programs offered by the Ministry of Housing and the Real Estate Development Fund. The program was launched in 2017 and has so far provided more than 783,000 housing and financing options. In its first year, more than 280,000 housing and financing options were allocated. In 2018 about 300 thousand residential option and finance has been provided, announced earlier this year for the allocation of 200 thousand housing and financing options in various regions of the Kingdom, including 100 thousand home finance (subsidizes loan) supported by the Real Estate Development Fund, and 50 thousand free land in various regions of the Kingdom, and 50 thousand housing units under construction, as the program declares on a monthly basis the number of the housing options beneficiaries, as the number has exceeded till the end of last February, more than 180 thousand beneficiaries, which, all the services and solutions provided by the program can be found on the website https: // sakani .housing.sa /

The program announced this month the launch of 46 new housing projects in various regions of the Kingdom, characterized by its affordable prices ranging from 250 to 750 thousand riyals, with guarantees and high quality in the implementation, delivery to citizens in a timely manner, in addition to finding partnerships with real estate developers, the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency and banks to facilitate citizens access to the appropriate home finance (subsidizes loan), With the governments guaranteeing to bear the interest rate of the subsidizes loan with support of up to 100% for those with less than 14,000 riyals salary in order to raise the percentage of ownership to 70% by 2030, according to the objectives of the "Eskan" program objectives  "one of the Saudi vision 2030 programs' ". Therefore, reducing the waiting lists and providing more opportunities of adequate housing for different groups of society.