"MOH" and "MCI" launch an e-platform that provides opportunities to build housing units worth 3.5 billion riyals for "Developmental Housing" beneficiaries.   | Ministry of Housing

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11/7/1440 -on- 17/03/2019"MOH" and "MCI" launch an e-platform that provides opportunities to build housing units worth 3.5 billion riyals for "Developmental Housing" beneficiaries.  

Provides for developers and contractors an opportunity of building 10,000 housing units across the Kingdom.
"MOH" and "MCI" launch an e-platform that provides opportunities to build housing units worth 3.5 billion riyals for "Developmental Housing" beneficiaries.
Minister of Housing Majed bin Abdullah Al-Hogail and Minister of Commerce and Investment Majid bin Abdullah Al-Qasabi inaugurated a "Benna" platform which will allow developers and contractors to benefit from the opportunities offered by "developmental housing" to build more than ten thousand housing units in different regions of the Kingdom, with value exceeding 5 billion riyals.
The platform aims to enhance the speed of meeting the beneficiaries needs of the "housing developmental" program from housing in all governorates of the Kingdom, and to enable small and medium enterprises in the construction and building sector to easily review and contribute to the projects.

Although "Benna" is a flexible and innovative business platform that offers opportunities and projects for the construction of residential units on lands to be presented by developers and contractors across the Kingdom. in full electronic form, from reviewing the opportunities of construction projects of housing units through the stages of technical and financial evaluation until the completion of the contract for implementation.

Developers and contractors will be able to review all available opportunities in different regions of the Kingdom for the purpose of studying and selecting the project and preparing for the preparation of the financial offers. Registration and reception will start by the beginning of next April through the platform link https://benaa.housing.sa.

Minister of Housing, Majed bin Abdullah Al-Hogail, stressed that the Ministry of Housing is keen to provide all solutions and services that are suitable for families of all categories, especially beneficiaries of the "Developmental Housing" Program in all regions. He pointed out that the "Developmental Housing" Program aims to provide adequate housing for these families, and that the launch of the "Benna" platform comes within the framework of accelerating the pumping of more suitable housing units through small and medium enterprises."Benna platform is one of the options offered by developmental housing," he said. "The program provides housing units by buying from the market or units of the Ministry's projects, as well as the construction and building option we have launched today to provide better service to "developmental housing" users."

He noted the role of the Ministry of Commerce and Investment in providing support and assistance for the launch of this platform, pointing out that this is an extension of the effective and fruitful cooperation between the two ministries and the continuous integration among all government agencies to serve our country and citizen.
For his part, the Minister of Commerce and Investment, Dr. Majid bin Abdullah Al Qassabi, said that the launch of such a platform contributes to creating more opportunities for small and medium-sized construction and building companies to provide suitable housing units for families benefiting from "developmental housing" in various regions. Pointing out that it will facilitate the work under the services provided, including review of opportunities, technical evaluation and others.

"The Ministry of Commerce and Investment and the Ministry of Housing are working together to provide all necessary services for citizens. The Ministry of Housing is providing a lot of efforts to provide housing solutions for citizens of various categories, including those benefiting from "developmental housing". We are always happy to provide all the support in which to serve the countrymen. "
The "Developmental Housing" is one of the initiatives of the "Eskan" program within the "vision 2030", and aims to meet the need of the most needy families in the community of housing and enable them to own the right housing or use it according to their needs. The "Development housing" provides residential units either through purchase from units offered in the market or through construction or through the Ministry's housing units available in the Kingdom. In order to ensure that the needs of the most needy families are met quickly, partnership agreements have been concluded with more than 200 NGOs in all the regions and governorates of the Kingdom, to undertake the tasks of communication and visit families and help them to choose housing and follow-up delivery, management and operation of housing units.