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9/7/1440 -on- 15/03/201913 thousand families have benefited from the "Sakani" program in February. 

Beneficiaries lists Announced through the portal.
13 thousand families have benefited from the "Sakani" program in February. 

The Ministry of Housing's "Sakani" program revealed that 13,128 families registered on the Ministry of Housing and Real Estate Development Fund (REDF) lists the housing options and financing solutions offered by the program during February, including 6207 families who actually lived in their homes, bringing the total number of families benefiting from the program's options Since the beginning of the current year to 26,005 families in different regions of the Kingdom.
The "Sakani" program today announced the names of beneficiaries and their national ID numbers through the link https://sakani-names.housing.sa/ or visit the program portal, which also provides all the details of various residential options, including prefabricated housing units and under construction, and free land , home finance (Subsidized real estate loans) that allow the purchase of ready-made units from the market, self-construction and financing additional loan, as well as other services that include the booking of free land plots, the military service support initiative, the value added tax on first housing.
This number of beneficiaries is an extension of what was announced by "Sakani" in advance, benefiting from the program during the year 2018 more than 157 thousand families, and in January last benefited 12,877 families, while continuing to announce more beneficiaries within the "Sakani" program in monthly basis. The program also continues to deliver ready-made housing units within the Ministry's projects, providing mortgage loans backed by partnerships with banks and financial institutions to buy a ready-made housing unit from the market, self-building for land owners, or financing additional loans. Where citizens benefit from a subsidized loan of supported profits 100% for those whose salaries are less than 14 thousand riyals
The Ministry of Housing Spokesman, Saif bin Salem Al Suwailem, said that "Sakani" continues to provide its services to the beneficiaries according to their needs, desires and abilities. The Ministry of Housing is keen to speed up the homeownership and provide them with better services in line with the "Eskan" program one of Saudi Vision2030 programs. which aims to raise the proportion of residential ownership to 70% by 2030.
"As part of the "Sakani" program efforts to provide suitable housing options, the program began to implement 46 new housing projects in different regions of the Kingdom, characterized by its affordable prices for a large segment of citizens registered in the lists of the Ministry of Housing, ranging from 250 to 750 thousand riyals, taking into account Quality and commitment to the stages of implementation and delivery to citizens in a timely manner, and will be followed by more projects in all regions, which provide a variety of residential units including villas, apartments and Town House within an integrated residential environment service facilities and infrastructure, "pointing out  that under the facilitation for beneficiaries and serving them in a best way. Reached us at the unified number of care beneficiaries to answer all questions (199 090) and finding appropriate solutions for citizens or through "Sakani" program portal.
He said that the ministry is always keen to find suitable solutions for Saudi families that help them to own the right home for them. He pointed out that effective partnership with the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency, banks and financial institutions have contributed to facilitating citizens' access to suitable housing finance. The value of mortgage loan with support up to 100% for those who are less than 14 thousand riyals salary, and 5%down payment for the "Sakani" program beneficiaries, with the possibility of installment in in-progress residential projects.
The "Sakani"program announced earlier this year the names of 200 thousand citizens which can take advantage of the various options offered by the "Sakani" program for the year 2019, including 100 thousand home finance (subsidized loan) supported by the (REDF) for development of real estate, and 50 thousand free land in various regions of the Kingdom, and 50 thousand  to be built units. This is the first time that "Sakani"program has announced the names of the beneficiaries during the year in a single step, in order to accelerate ownership and reduce the waiting lists, and to provide more housing opportunities suitable for different groups of society in all regions of the Kingdom.