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6/7/1440 -on- 12/03/2019"Sakani" adds 9 new plans of lands free of charge .. and calls for booking it electronically. 

They were distributed to Al-Qassim, Jizan, Tabuk, Al-Jawf and the northern frontiers.
"Sakani" adds 9 new plans of lands free of charge .. and calls for booking it electronically. 

The "sakani" program of the Ministry of Housing has announced the addition of a number of free plans through its portal within the recently launched residential plans, allowing the beneficiary to choose the appropriate residential plan for them. He also invites beneficiaries wishing to purchase free land to visit the website. As part of the continuous endeavor to develop electronic solutions to facilitate the benefit of eligible citizens and provide more electronic services to them, the portal has so far provided 48 plans, and will be followed by more plans during the coming period

The program indicated in a press statement today that the electronic selection of 9 new schemes has been activated and the completion of infrastructure is underway, including public utilities. The new plans included 5 plots in Al-Qassim region, distributed among its governorates. Moreover, AlMithnab plan included 13 plots with 371 lands, Al-Bakiriya plan 2 plots with 583 lands, with "Al-Asayyah project", which includes 538 developed land and the Riyadh Akhbra Governorate (plan) with (418) lands. 

The program also included four other plans distributed among a number of regions and governorates, including Al Nkheel scheme with 164 lands in the Al-Qurayyat governorate of Al-Jawf region, and the granting Rafha plan with 1449 lands in Rafha governorate of the northern frontier. Tabuk region has (260) plots, as well as a new plot of 748 land in the Fursan Islands of the Jizan region.
He pointed out that the registered beneficiary of the Ministry of Housing can visit the portal of the "sakani" site and then choose "residential solutions" and then click on the option of free residential land or direct entry on the link https://sakani.housing.sa/plans-map) And then complete the registration form before heading later to visit the branch to complete the final procedures for obtaining the land after the issuance of approvals, noting that he will continue to provide all facilities to the citizens beneficiaries to achieve their aspirations.
"These programs are designed to provide citizens with more options that will enable them to obtain the right accommodation that meets their needs, which lead to increase residential ownership and reaching 70% by 2030 according to the "eskan"Program targets,
The "sakani" program of the Ministry of Housing has allocated about 207,296 plots in various regions of the Kingdom, including 50 thousand free plots were allocated this year, where the delivery of free land still in continuous in various areas.

The program also provides many housing options and financing solutions for beneficiaries to include as well as free land, prefabricated units within the Ministry's projects and units under construction in partnership with real estate developers and home finance (subsidized real estate loans) to benefit from the purchase of prefabricated units from the market, self-construction of land owners, , And transfer of additional loan financing to subsidized.