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5/7/1440 -on- 11/03/2019"WAFIEX 2019" concludes with a review of artificial intelligence and design foundations. 

With over than 4,000 visitors. 
"WAFIEX 2019" concludes with a review of artificial intelligence and design foundations. 

On Monday, the "WAFIEX 2019" Forum opened for the off-plan sales projects, which was opened by His Excellency Minister of Housing Majed bin Abdullah Al-Hogail and was followed by the opening of the accompanying exhibition last Saturday with the participation of the (UAE) as guest of honor.

The forum witnessed a distinguished presence of real estate professionals and more than 4,000 visitors during his stay at the Hilton Hotel in Jeddah from 9 to 11 March.
The sale or rent "Wafi" program was completed by "WAFIEX 2019"  following a review of the UAE's real estate development experience with the on-the-map selling system to a number of recommendations including taking advantage of the Abu Dhabi Housing Authority's experience in e-connectivity among housing stakeholders, of modern electronic technologies and applications to reduce the length of obtaining the necessary approvals and licenses, and to encourage real estate developers to adopt modern construction techniques to achieve the expected results in reducing construction costs and reducing the duration of implementation.
The recommendations emphasized the need to raise awareness of the importance of ownership in the sales projects (on the map) and its impact on reducing the value of real estate units and quality of the building, with emphasis on the engineering component in the design of real estate units for sale (on the map) and provide multiple options to meet the various desires, And identify appropriate marketing messages for each targeted segment.
The exhibition and forum "WAFIEX2019" signed a number of cooperative agreements between the two countries, and gave speakers concerned with the engineering, technical and real estate, many of the themes that were discussed, including in the sessions of the first day urban planning and quality-of-life, and integration of public transport with housing projects, and the government role in Supporting the housing sector (the experience of the United Arab Emirates), managing the real estate development process of traditional and modern models on that side. The second and final day of the meeting included reducing construction costs, expanding your awareness before the design of DARC, architectural design for sales projects (on the map), and concluded with the role of media and marketing in sales projects (on the map). 
Artificial intelligence:
The Director of Innovation Department at the Ministry of Housing Hussam Al-Ghamdi spoke about the first theme of the session at the first sitting on the last day of the meeting, "Reducing construction costs", referring to construction techniques, noting that "today a start of manufacturing  by the factory, using concrete in the structures, Prefabricated units, so that the house created and installed on the site, while the modern methods involving artificial intelligence. "He stressed that the construction techniques reduce the process of waste of energy and construction costs, and factories do not exceed the error rate of 3%, and workforce can be Non-professional work, not to mention health and safety hazards thus the total cost of construction and operation.
 He revealed that the construction of the house fulfilled many achievements in 2018 in the implementation period, where the villa took only two days, while using 3D printing to build a house by Saudi engineers took only 25 hours.
Al-Ghamdi concluded that through the initiative to motivating building techniques, the financing will reach SR 2 billion in 2019, resulting in 35 thousand housing units expected to reach 70 thousand housing units in the Kingdom 

Design basis:
Engineer Abdulrahman Al-Khnein of the Ministry of Housing for Technical Affairs referred to the second axis in the session entitled "Expanding your perception before the design of your house." Speaking about the design of the house, which should bond the two external blocks in the interior, and the example of the honorable Kaaba in its new expansion, from entry to exit, adding the importance of balance and use of colors in order to give a psychological significance and identity.

Map gaps:
The lecturer in the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Imam Abdulrahman Al-Faisal Mohammed Al-Mohammadi, " architectural design in the service of sales projects (on the map)," noting that the gaps on the map from the point of view of the architectural environment cities were expanding naturally, and we aspired to remain fragrant in the new design, pointing out that the projects on the map start to constitutes urban patterns by having enough spaces to ensure the prosperity of all citizens in the district, "indicating that they aim to raise awareness of the developer and owners in the formation of external spaces, whose role lies in the distribution of blocks on the area, in addition to its social and security role

Evaluation mechanism:
For his part, the head of the Architecture Department at King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah, Dr. Ahmed Khan on the stages of design, indicating that many people are not aware of the stages of architectural design, which begins with introductions and the development of studies.
Khan pointed out that the first house printed in the Kingdom was in 2012 and stated that the first printing press was in the UAE in 2016. 

Riyadh and Abu Dhabi:
For his part, said the Director of the first projects in the real estate company, Mr. Ahmed Zaabi that the designs of homes in Abu Dhabi was made through a modern company to develop residential, tourism and investment projects, indicating that they have the largest project in Abu Dhabi, the Riyadh city project on an area of 8 thousand hectares, infrastructure has been designed to serve all beneficiaries and preparing them to be a residential district by providing daily needs such as clinics, schools and markets.
Media and Marketing:
The sessions concluded with a discussion on "The role of media and marketing in off-plan sales projects (on the map)." The director of Al-Eqtisadiah channel, Marwan Al-Hal, CEO of Ben Fakih, Eng. Faisal Al-Dosari and Head of Real Estate Operations Support Department, Sales projects on the map, and the main role of the media by its various means to identify the advantages of homeownership through the early purchase of the residential unit in projects that are developed by selling (on the map)