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5/7/1440 -on- 11/03/2019"Sakani" handed over 1443 free land to citizens during a month. 

Distributed throughout the Kingdom.
"Sakani" handed over 1443 free land to citizens during a month. 

The "sakani" program of the Ministry of Housing has continued to hand over a number of free residential land to beneficiaries of the program, which was allocated to them in the last monthly payments. Last month, 1443 plots of land were handed over to various regions of the Kingdom.

in Riyadh city, 151 plots were handed over to eligible citizens. In Makkah, 205 free items were handed over to beneficiaries, 376 were received in Najran and 45 lands were handed over, 18 lands in Asir, 7 lands in Al-Qassim.

In addition, the Ministry of Housing has delivered 63 residential plots in Al-Baha city, 54 in the Eastern Province, 180 in Tabuk and 284 in Al-Madinah. Al-Jawf region has a total of 22 freehold land, 23 land In Jizan, and finally 15 land in Ha'il.

This step is a continuation of the delivery operations which the Ministry is working on free land and housing units in the different provinces ranging from 450 to 2 527 per piece, while the "sakani" program early this year (2019) for the allocation of 50 thousand plots of land (207,296 free land) covering all areas and benefiting the various groups according to the wishes of the beneficiaries in the housing subsidy portal.

The residential portal of the "sakani" program has previously made it possible to choose the appropriate housing scheme by the beneficiaries of the free land "grants" according to their wishes and needs, in the framework of the constant endeavor to develop electronic solutions to facilitate the citizens and the provision of more electronic services for them.

The third stage of the "sakani 2019" program includes the allocation of 200 thousand residential and financing options, including 50 thousand housing units in partnership with the private sector and 50 thousand free residential land, in addition to 100 thousand loans supported by a partnership between the REDF and banks and financial institutions.
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