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4/7/1440 -on- 10/03/2019 "Developmental Housing" launches an e-platform to link its NGO partners.

To ensure the efficiency of work and speed up procedures.

 "Developmental Housing" launches an e-platform to link its NGO partners.

 The "Developmental Housing" Program of the Ministry of Housing has launched a specialized e-platform to link the program with its partners in NGOs in various cities and regions of the Kingdom. The purpose of this program is to facilitate access to the most needy families registered community association of social security beneficiaries. And the speed of responsiveness to the needs through the provision of adequate housing, as well as to ensure non-duplication in the provision of services to families registered in NGOs.

 The "Developmental Housing" program indicated in a press release today, that the services provided by the new platform facilitates for its partners from charitable association to verify the recipients of housing subsidy in housing development, and to obtain information on the status of social security of the beneficiary family, through direct integration with the services of the Ministry of Labor and social Development. Moreover, the platform allows the associations to enter the platform on their behalf and access to the cases of support provided to their beneficiaries in detail without the need to prepare a case study, in addition to enabling the associations to register the housing projects carried out by their beneficiaries.

 The program noted that NGO registration is available to all partners. The importance of the platform is that it makes it easier for associations to determine the level of need within the geographic parameters of their work in order to provide better service. Partners can visit the platform through https: // tanmawi .housing.sa /.

The "developmental housing" program is one of the "eskan" program initiatives within the "vision2030" and aims to meet the need of the most needy families in the community of housing and enable them to own the right housing or use it according to their needs and financial capacity. In order to ensure that the needs of the most needy families are met, partnership agreements have been concluded with more than 200 private associations in all regions and governorates of the Kingdom to undertake communication, visit and assist families in choosing housing, following up of delivery, management and operation of housing units.