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Tuesday 15 Dhu al-Hijja 1441 on August 4, 2020

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23/6/1440 -on- 28/02/2019"Ministry of Housing" publishes the 17th issue of its periodic bulletin.

The Ministry of Housing has published the 17th issue of the Housing Periodic Bulletin, which deals with the latest developments related to the housing market in the Kingdom, in addition to providing data, statistics and information to those interested and specialists in the housing sector, depending on data and official sources from other government agencies and related sectors.

This issue reviewed a number of achievements of the "sakani" program during the years (2017-2018), the percentages of the distribution of housing options for each region, in addition to the monthly index of housing and related costs in major cities and the average price of 37 building materials were reviewed.

The recent issue of the bulletin includes reference to the adoption of the developer services center "Etmam"9 residential plots with a total area exceeding 37 million square meters and a total area of more than 24,000 plots in three areas during last November. Followed by Riyadh capital with 3 plots and then Medina city with one plan in Yanbu city.

The bulletin referred to the official statistics of "Tadawul", which showed the value of shareholder in the real estate sector during the month of November 2018 amounted to about 3.6 billion riyals, representing 5.8% of the total value of shareholder in the market, distributed between real estate funds and real estate development and management companies , While the number of shares in the real estate funds that were traded in the same month increased by 22.5% and 77.5% compared to the previous month, while 344 million shares were traded in the stock market at a rate of 12.7% which indicates that the investment trend in November towards real estate funds at the expense of real estate developers.

The Housing Bulletin relies on Ministry of Housing data as well as official sources from other government agencies and private sectors. Details of the Bulletin can be found at https://www.housing.gov.sa/en/periodical-magazine