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23/6/1440 -on- 28/02/2019"Etmam" awards a qualification certificates to 78 real estate developers within a year.

The Developer Service Center "Etmam" has announced that it will award 78 real estate developers in 2018 as part of the developer's services package, which will allow real estate developers to apply real estate rehabilitation for off-plan sales or rent projects.

The center clarified that it is coordinating with the off-plan sales or rent committee "Wafi" until the issuance of the qualification approval and send it back to the applicant after the completion of all procedures and fulfilment of the conditions and requirements. This service contributes to increasing the number of companies and development institutions to accelerate the completion and development of housing projects in different regions of the kingdom.

He pointed out that obtaining the qualification certificate requires 6 basic requirements to apply for it: Business Registration, Articles of Association if it is a development company, certificate from the General Organization for Social Insurance, in addition to the classification certificate from the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs (the contractor) , certificate from General Authority of Zakat and Income Tax of non-existence of dues on the company, and a certificate from the Chamber of Commerce), indicating that to obtain a certificate of real estate rehabilitation 5 criteria must be match for qualification, namely (organizational capacity, institutional capacity, financial capabilities, in addition to the record of achievements, experiences and methodology for development).

The Developer Service Center "Etmam" one of the Ministry of Housing initiatives, which aims to facilitate the work of developers to accelerate the pace of work in the real estate sector and housing projects, where the center offers 21 services through the Developer Service Center portal which increases the supply of housing units annually. (https://etmam.housing.sa