"Housing" launches "Building Quality Inspection" and "Inspection of ready-made Buildings" in the Eastern province. | Ministry of Housing

Ministry of Housing

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22/6/1440 -on- 27/02/2019"Housing" launches "Building Quality Inspection" and "Inspection of ready-made Buildings" in the Eastern province.

 To enable citizens to verify the quality of housing units.
"Housing" launches "Building Quality Inspection" and "Inspection of ready-made Buildings" in the Eastern province.

 The "Sustainable Building" Platform of the Ministry of Housing has launched the Building Quality Inspection and Ready Building Inspection Services in the Eastern province after the graduation of first batch of qualified examiners. The "Sustainable Building" services aim to provide mechanisms and solutions that help the beneficiary to verify building quality and enhancing reliability of housing units through accredited engineers.

 The Ministry of Housing  said in a statement on Wednesday that it had completed its training course for a number of Saudi engineers to train them to conduct inspections in the services of "Quality Inspection of Building" and "Examination of prefabricated buildings" in the Eastern Province, and the qualification of engineers on the best practices and procedures of global examination and their adoption to work as testers in A sustainable building platform, in order to develop the capabilities of Saudi engineers working in the field of real estate and create job opportunities in this field.

The ministry pointed out that the "Quality Inspection of Building" and "Inspection of Prefabricated Buildings" services are now available in the Eastern province. The "Building Quality Inspection" service provides a mechanism for verifying the quality of the residential unit during its construction by engineers examining seven specific stages ending by submitting the building Quality Certificate Upon completion of all stages successfully, Construction of the building is completed on completion of all stages. The "prefabricated buildings inspection" service is designed to enable beneficiaries such as property owners or prospective buyers to inspect the existing building through a specific methodology developed by a leading global entity in the field of quality inspection of existing buildings for quality check of the residential unit,
based on the examination results, a report will be submitted by the certified and authorized examiner from the Saudi Real Estate Institute, indicating the condition of the building in its current state. It is keen to provide the service in all parts of the Kingdom gradually during the current year, after it was launched in Riyadh, Jeddah and Eastern province currently.

"Housing" indicated that the "sustainable building" platform provides the possibility to request the examiner electronically and easily, and provides an electronic archive for each user to keep all his reports,

The service provides added value to different groups of the beneficiaries, as it is helping the researcher in making a decision by ensuring the quality of the next housing unit he's going to own, in addition to enable the financial institutions to identify the status of the building to be financed, all "sustainable building" services that are provided electronically can be found on the program's platform at https://www.mostadam.sa/.