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20/6/1440 -on- 25/02/2019"MOH" signs an agreement with "sakani" to provide housing services to its employees.

The Ministry of Health and "sakani" Program signed an agreement on Monday to provide housing services to Ministry of Health employees, including rostered beneficiaries on the Ministry of Housing and Real Estate Development Fund's lists, in the presence of HE Minister of Health Tawfiq Bin Fawzan Al Rabiah, the participants also inaugurated the "sakani" program exhibition in the main lobby of the Ministry of Health.

The agreement includes the coordination between the program and the Ministry of Health to make special offers to ministry employees, including providing special discount on the profit margin for those whose monthly income exceeds 14 thousand riyals. As regards to those whose salaries are less than 14 thousand riyals will get the full support for the profits from the total amount of funding, Administrative fees.

The agreement also includes the provision of a "sakani" program to serve the real estate advisor in the Ministry of Health branches, as well as the provision of home finance (subsidized loans) to applicants collectively from the Ministry of Health to build residential condominium units owned by independent instruments.

The agreement aims at activating the partnership between the governmental sectors to provide distinguished services to its employees and create an attractive working environment, as well as benefiting from the services provided by other government agencies. The partnership between the Ministry of Health and "sakan" is considered the first of its kind in this field.

After signing the agreement, the HE have lunched the four-day special exhibition for the ministry employees. The program offers a comprehensive explanation of the housing and financing options for the beneficiaries. It also allows the beneficiaries to meet with the real estate consultant and provide explanations about the financing solutions available in partnership with 13 banks and financing institutions that provides service for visitors.

This initiative is part of the "sakani" program to serve beneficiaries, raise awareness about housing and financing options, and facilitate the beneficiaries' journey to own the first home, as well as bringing together services, products and funders in one place.

The "sakani" program offers 6 residential and financing options to the beneficiaries, includes obtaining a ready-made housing unit within the Ministry's projects, a residential unit under construction with in "sakani" project in partnership with the private sector, access to free land, and to subsidizes loan by self-construction options, or buying a ready-made housing unit from the market, in addition to converting additional loan-subsidizes loan.