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11/6/1440 -on- 16/02/2019"Sakani": 12 thousand families benefited from housing options in January .. Of which 6 thousand reside in their homes.

Issuing a monthly report on the beneficiaries' names and details of the housing options.

"Sakani": 12 thousand families benefited from housing options in January .. Of which 6 thousand reside in their homes.
The "sakani" program of the Ministry of Housing revealed the total number of Saudi families that benefited effectively from the housing options and financing solutions provided by the program during the month of January, indicating that the total number of these families reached 12,877 registered in the lists of the Ministry of Housing and Real Estate Development Fund, 6499 families have reside in their homes, while the number of families that benefited during the year 2018 more than 157 thousand families.


"Sakani" program has released today its report for January, which included the disclosure the actual number of beneficiaries of the housing options provided by the program, introducing it with the national ID numbers and regions, and the names of those beneficiaries, and the release included details of what was presented during the last period of housing options, , And housing projects monitoring which carried out by the Ministry in partnership with the private sector and spread throughout the Kingdom. Details of the report can be found at: https://sakani.housing.sa/sakani-reports.


The official spokesman of the Ministry of Housing Saif bin Salem Al Swailem said that access to serve this number of citizens within just one month, reflects the ministry's keenness to accelerate homeownership and provide better service to them, stressing that the "sakani" program will continue its efforts to serve the registrants in the list of the ministry to speed up their access to adequate housing and reduce waiting periods.


He pointed out that the "sakani" program report for January includes the efforts of the program in facilitating the journey of ownership of beneficiaries, and its role in overcoming the obstacles facing citizens by facilitating access to housing options provided by the program, which include (ready villas within the ministry's' projects, under construction units, or free land, as well as obtaining a subsidized loans for self-construction, or buying ready units from the market, converting additional loan to subsidized loan).


"As part of the housing efforts to provide suitable housing options, the program has started to implement 45 new housing projects in different parts of the Kingdom, which are characterized by its prices is which suitable for a large segment of citizens registered in the Ministry of Housing lists, ranging from SR250 to 750 thousand, He added that these projects are characterized by providing high quality guarantees and strict commitment to the stages of implementation and delivery to citizens in a timely manner. He pointed out that the program has added many facilities such as choosing the residential plans in electronic form through the "sakani" site, in addition to the launch of a unified number for customer care units of the beneficiaries to answer all questions T (199 090) and finding appropriate solutions to the citizens.


He clarified that the ministry is working to find suitable solutions for Saudi families, that helps them to own the right home. He pointed out that working in partnership with the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency, banks and financial institutions to facilitate the access of citizens to finance the appropriate mortgage for them, while ensuring that the governments bear the benefits of the subsidized loan value of up to 100% for those with salary less than SR14,000, and a number of amendments have been made to the real estate finance by reducing the first installment to 5% for the beneficiaries of the "sakani" program, with the possibility of installment in the under construction housing projects.

The "sakani" program has announced the names of 200 thousand citizens who can benefit from the various options offered by the "sakani" program for the year 2019, including 100 thousand home finance backed by the REDF, and 50 thousand free land in various regions of the Kingdom, and 50 thousand under construction housing units. This is the first time that "sakani" has released the beneficiaries names during the year all at once, in order to accelerate the ownership and raise it to 60% by 2020 and reach 70% by 2030, according to the "eskan" program objectives " One of the Saudi Vision 2030 programs ", and reducing waiting lists , providing more suitable housing opportunities that suits all groups of the society in all regions of the Kingdom.