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9/6/1440 -on- 14/02/2019"Housing Minister" launches 199090 comprehensive centers to serve the beneficiaries of "sakani".

To provide faster services and overcome the difficulties of owning the first house journey.

"Housing Minister" launches 199090 comprehensive centers to serve the beneficiaries of "sakani".
The Minister of Housing, Majed bin Abdullah Al-Hogail, inaugurated on Thursday the unified center for customer care unit 199090, which aims to facilitate communication with the beneficiaries of the "sakani" program and to introduce the services provided by the program and the mechanism for obtaining them, in addition to receiving complaints and observations regarding housing projects or entitlement and resolve an issue directly and easily for all beneficiaries.

The Ministry of Housing clarified in a press release today that the unified call center 199090 provides many services to the beneficiaries, explaining the mechanism of eligibility and housing subsidy, clarifying the conditions to be met by the beneficiaries, answering all their queries about the services provided by the ministry, The call center provides awareness services, definitional commentaries for financing solutions and offers different housing options for beneficiaries wishing to own property, indicating that the center serves and receive their calls from 8 am to 8 pm.

She pointed out that the customer care unit service center for beneficiaries facilitates all citizens registered in the Ministry's lists and the Real Estate Development Fund, thus registration process in the "Real Estate Advisor" to meet with a specialized team to advise them and provides services for them by identifying the best possible solutions after studying the written data and documents attached by the applicant to avoid obstacles with the financing agencies and obtaining the home finance (subsidized loan )with easily and conveniently.

She added that the center will develop its services to reach a larger number of beneficiaries who are considering using one of the available housing options or financing solutions. It also aims to explain the mechanism of utilizing these options and solutions for those who have been allocated to them in the past installments of the "sakani" program for continues communication and provide the necessary explanation and support to any beneficiary and make them aware of the advantages of each residential option or a financing solution provided by the program to the beneficiaries.

For his part, the official spokesman of the Ministry of Housing Saif bin Salem Al Swailem said that the unified center for the customer care unit center of beneficiaries is part of the communication solutions provided by the Ministry of Housing to be close to the beneficiaries registered on their lists, stressing that the Center will contribute positively to facilitate citizens' communication with the "sakani" program for failing complaints and requests for information, through the unified telephone service, instead of visiting a ministry s' branch or project sites, as was the case in the past.

He pointed out that the Center is equipped with a qualified staff of consultants with all new information about the program's services, to guide the beneficiaries to resolve the challenges with funding agencies, developers and other related parties in a quick and practical manner. And provide the necessary support for them. Adding that "the ministry is always seeking to overcome the obstacles facing the beneficiaries, and provide the necessary support to them, where the unified communication center to serve the beneficiary to the means of communication provided by the Ministry to its recipients through all communication network presented by their accounts in the sites of communication or branches located in all regions of the Kingdom, and the exhibitions displays in the project site.