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7/6/1440 -on- 12/02/2019"Housing" offers 3 new housing projects for booking in Qassim and Tabuk.

Bringing the total of ready villas projects for citizens to 38 projects.
"Housing" offers 3 new housing projects for booking in Qassim and Tabuk.
The Ministry of Housing on Tuesday launched 3 new housing projects for prefabricated villas within the Ministry's projects in Tabuk and Qassim. All these projects contribute to the provision of 564 housing villas ready for housing. The program called for all beneficiaries who are candidates in these areas and they want to own homes within the ministry projects to visit the Exhibitions designated for booking in the project sites.

The ministry indicated in a press statement that these projects will be available for booking to the beneficiaries starting from today, by visiting the project site, and complete the final booking procedures for the residential unit, pointing out that the housing units will be delivered to citizens after the completion of the final booking procedures.

The projects announced by the ministry included the project of the Almathnab in Qassim region, which provides 100 villas of 500 square meters, which consists of 4 bedrooms, living room, a hall, a kitchen and three toilets, with prices start at (SR308,595) and monthly installments starting from (SR1,029). The project is fully serviced with school locations, two mosques, parks, green spaces, children's playgrounds and commercial facilities to be an integrated residential project that provides for its residents all the services they need.

The second project in Al-Qassim region, located in the province of Uyun Al-Jiwa which includes 76 villas on a total area of more than 116,227 square meters for the entire project. The villas are worth (SR295,515) for the villas and monthly installments starting from SR 985. The project includes several mosques and gardens, a cultural center, land designated for various service facilities, and for government agencies.

The housing project is located in the Tabuk area, with 388 villas at a price of SR 343,050 and 376 plots of land with a total area of 749,300 square meters. It includes mosques, gardens, green spaces, the monthly installment of residential villas starts from (SR1,144). The land area is 500 square meters per villa. The villa includes 4 bedrooms as well as other facilities.

The ministry said that these projects are characterized by the integration of infrastructure and services of electricity, water, sewage and drainage, and sidewalks and lighting, in addition to the flood drainage system. However, these projects considered as an extension of more than 35 projects for ready villas as part of the Ministry's projects, these projects provide more than 12,000 villas, distributed in various cities of the Kingdom, stressing the obligation to hand over these projects to beneficiaries after the completion of the final booking procedures.