Minister of Housing handed over the second installment of residential villas in the "Alwajah" project in Dammam. | Ministry of Municipal & Rural Affairs & Housing

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3/6/1440 -on- 08/02/2019

Minister of Housing handed over the second installment of residential villas in the "Alwajah" project in Dammam.

The entire project will be handed over for citizens during the current year.

Minister of Housing handed over the second installment of residential villas in the "Alwajah" project in Dammam.
Minister of Housing Majed bin Abdullah Al-Hogail delivered new housing units under residential projects in partnership with real estate developers in the "Al Wajah" project, which is being implemented by "Al Hakimiya" Company on the company's land in Dammam.

This is the second visit for His excellency after handing over the first housing unit to Sultan Qureshi beneficiary on the last visit, that was implemented in two days using new techniques in construction to speed up the achievement while maintaining quality and proficiency.

The "Alwajah" project includes 574 villas with a variety of models starting from SR595 thousand and with a building area ranging from 251 to 326 m2. It uses unconventional building techniques to activate modern building techniques characterized by its quality and suitability to the local environment. The residential unit within the project is only 48 hours, including all necessary steps including construction work, general site works, electromechanical finishes,

and the architectural finishes, as part of the Ministry of Housing targete through the "sakani" program of pumping thousands of housing units that are suitable for all segments in partnership with developers and accelerate the acquisition of citizens to housing that meet their aspirations and commensurate with their capabilities, although "Alwajah" project comes among a number of "sakani" projects that takes patterns of modern building techniques.

During the visit, HE the Minister of Housing check out the villas that were completed in the "Al Wajah" project which is being implemented under the "sakani" program. The villas considered as the first villas to be delivered under the residential units in partnership with qualified real estate developers. Where they have allocated many project during the previous installments of "sakani" program and inviting citizens to benefit from the booking and complete the final procedures with the developer in preparation for the implementation of the units and delivery, praising His Excellency the achievement and at the same time he stressed to continue work to provide the best service for the citizens and hand over the entire project within the specified period.

For his part, the CEO of "Al-Hakimiya" Engineer Khalid Al-Duwaish thanked the Ministry of Housing and said that the partnership that combines the "sakani" program with the private sector, gave the national real estate developers the opportunity to participate in facilitating citizens access to adequate housing at high specifications and at reasonable prices, In line with the Saudi family requirements, pointing out that the private sector is a key partner in national development.
He added that the project is based on modern building techniques which takes into account the quality of building. "We are currently working to accelerate the work on the project site using many non-traditional techniques and procedures in order to comply with the plan for the delivery of units to beneficiaries that rely on the speed of implementation of the unit that does not take more than two days while maintaining quality. "he added.

Al-Duweesh stressed the importance of the materials quality used in the implementation and bringing them from the best international agents and factories with the necessary guarantees, in addition to that the installation process is supervised by technicians and specialists to ensure the quality of the product and the results of successful time and take into account the quality of building at affordable price, noting that the reservation in the project is still ongoing through contacting the company.
 Mansour Al-Madi, one of the beneficiaries in the "Alwajah" project, said that the speed of completion of the villa while maintaining the quality of the building proved that the Ministry of Housing and the development company have worked diligently to facilitate the acquisition of suitable housing at an appropriate price. "I never imagined that I would receive my housing units within a short time of signing the contract and that the delivery would be from the Minister of Housing, so I thank the Ministry and Al Hakimiya for their efforts and their special way in handling the submission of units to the beneficiaries.