"Bunyan" and "Developmental Housing" are handing over new housing units in Jeddah. | Ministry of Housing

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1/6/1440 -on- 06/02/2019"Bunyan" and "Developmental Housing" are handing over new housing units in Jeddah.

The "Housing Developmental" Program of the Ministry of Housing and the "Bunyan Charity Association" handed over a new batch of housing units to the most needy families in Jeddah, which represents part of the housing units provided by the program to the association under the partnership agreement previously entered into by the two parties.

The General Supervisor of Housing Developmental and Real Estate Organization of the Ministry of Housing, Mazen bin Mohammed Al-Daoud, said that the ministry has entered into several partnership agreements with about 200 civil associations spread across the Kingdom's regions and governorates, with the aim of quick access to the most needy families and to meet their needs of owning a house. Through its partnership with associations, it seeks to provide a practical model to accelerate the provision of housing services with added social value that will have a positive and sustainable impact on society and the importance of partnership with NGOs as they are familiar with the details and conditions of families. "

Al-Dawood stressed the importance of integrating the non-profit sector as well as the private sector with the efforts and initiatives of government agencies to enable the most needy security families to obtain adequate housing and obtain the results that serve the society in a faster time. Noting the role played by the associations to promote development work in the housing sector.

The General Supervisor of Housing Developmental and Real Estate Organization at the Ministry of Housing expressed his appreciation of the role played by "Bunyan" Association of prominent role and significant activity to help the eligible families, stressing that this partnership is a model for the real integration between the government sector and the non-profit sector to achieve sustainable development goals serving the citizens, and fulfills one of the objectives of the Saudi vision 2030.

On the other hand, the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors Turkiah Al-Fares exposed thanked the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud and His Highness the Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman for their support of the Ministry. She stressed the importance of this positive partnership and the great role it plays in enabling the association to play its active charitable role towards its beneficiaries so as to guarantee them a dignified life and alleviate the financial burdens facing them.

The "Housing Developmental" Program has signed an agreement with "Bunyan" to hand over housing units to beneficiaries registered on the Ministry's lists sponsored by the association. during the past period, a number of installments have been made under these agreements in Riyadh, Makkah, Al Qassim and Jeddah. The program also held several partnerships with the social responsibility programs in the private sector, and delivered in two installments a number of housing units in the Ministry's ready-made units in various regions of the Kingdom in partnership with Samba Financial Group.