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24/5/1440 -on- 30/01/2019 Development of land subject to land fees of 844 thousand square meters.

Provides about 1400 plots in Riyadh.

 Development of land subject to land fees of 844 thousand square meters.

The Ministry of Housing's Idle Lands Program continues its liberalization of land and controlling monopolistic practices of land within the urban area. This has resulted in the development of 844,000 square meters of raw land in the Riyadh city and is expected to provide more than 1,400 pieces of land.

The program confirmed that the fees are not applied when the development of the land is completed by the adoption of the plan or the final construction of the plan within one year from the date of issue of the "payment order ", in order to stimulate land development and increase the supply of developed land and control monopolistic practices,

He added: "The application of fees still fulfill its objectives through the interaction of raw land owners by redevelopment or make partnership with the Ministry of Housing to create projects that provide housing units for citizens, and part of the revenues that were imposed during the past year were pumped to develop infrastructure in a number of housing projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has allocated about SR 450 million to the projects of the Ministry of Housing in Al Ain, Unaizah, Hai'l and Dawadmi.

This comes within the context of the program's aim to end the monopolistic practices of the land and contribute to the development of a balanced real estate market. The current phase is concerned with raw land with an area of 10,000 square meters and more, which falls within the declared scope during the launch of the program.

The "Idle Lands" program is one of the Ministry of Housing programs announced during 2016 and is implemented in the first phase in Riyadh, Jeddah and the capital of Dammam and Makkah. Total payment orders in the four cities were more than 2500 payment orders for a total area of more than 411 million meters Square.