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11/5/1440 -on- 17/01/2019"Sakani" allows electronic selection of free land plots.

Including 46 thousand land in different regions of the Kingdom.

"Sakani" allows electronic selection of free land plots.
The "sakani" portal of the Ministry of Housing has provided the option of choosing the appropriate residential plan for the beneficiaries of the free lands "grants" according to their wishes and needs, as part of the constant endeavor to develop electronic solutions help to facilitate for citizens and provide more electronic services to them, The portal has so far provided 27 plots with more than 46,000 free plots of land, while more plans will follow in the coming period.

The ministry indicated in a press statement today that it has completed all the technical procedures related to activating plans electronic selection. The beneficiary can visit the portal of the "sakani" program and then choose "residential solutions" and then click on the option of free residential land or direct access to the link (https : //sakani.housing.sa/plans-map), choose the appropriate plan and complete the registration form before going later to visit the branch and finalize the final procedures for obtaining the land after the issuance of approvals, noting that it will continue to provide all facilities to the beneficiaries of the citizens to achieve their aspirations.

The figures issued by "sakani" site, that the Ministry has adopted 27 residential plans distributed across the various cities and governorates of the Kingdom, including 5 residential plots ready for construction, completed the work of infrastructure, which includes water, electricity, telecommunications, lighting and sidewalks and paving roads and green spaces and gardens, number of sites designated for public-utility service.

It has also adopted 14 residential plots that will be handed over to beneficiaries after completion of most of the infrastructure works, in addition to the adoption of 8 residential schemes which are currently under development, while the ministry is pumping more residential plans during the coming period, to allow beneficiaries to get more options when choosing a free land.

The residential plots were distributed over a number of the Kingdom regions. The Makkah region has 6 plots containing about 13.105 residential land in Jeddah, Makkah, Rania and Al Jumum. The plan is in Najran with 7134 residential units. While Jizan city has five schemes of about 6439 pieces distributed between Samtah Al gofol, Sabia, Damad, Bisha and Darb,

It has also adopted 4 plots in the Riyadh city with a total of 5930 plots of land distributed between Al-Kharj, Al-Majmaa, Al-Dawadmi and Al-Quwaiyyah. The plan includes a plot of 3,404 residential lands, a plot of 2,308 plots, another in Tabuk with 426 residential plots, two plans in Al-Qassim region are Ain Fahid in the Al Asiah with 128 lots and Al-Nabhaniyah with 403 lots, and in Hafr Al-Batin with 5521 plots of land and 3 plots in Asir region with a total of 779 plots.

The ministry clarified that these steps come in the context of providing more options for citizens to enable them to obtain adequate housing that meets their wishes, by increasing the proportion of homeownership to 60% by 2020 and 70% by 2030 according to the objectives of the "Eskan" program.

The Ministry of Housing has allocated about 583 thousand residential and financing options during the past two years through "sakani" program, the share of free lands 157,296 plots of land in various parts of the Kingdom. noting that it handed over thousands of free housing products for beneficiaries during the last period.The Ministry and the Real Estate Development Fund also announced the names of 200,000 citizens who can benefit from the various options offered by the sakani 2019 program, which will allow ready-made housing units within the Ministry's projects and units under construction in partnership with developers, free land and subsidized real estate loans to benefit from the purchase of market Ready-made units, self-build of land owners, and financing additional loan.