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10/5/1440 -on- 16/01/2019"Sakani": 45 projects currently underway that voice the citizens desire.

Provides more than 77 thousand units at prices ranging from SR 250 to 750 thousand.

"Sakani": 45 projects currently underway that voice the citizens desire.


The "sakani" program of the Ministry of Housing revealed the continuation of the construction work in 45 projects within the residential projects launched by the program during the last period in partnership with the real estate developers. These projects provide about 78 thousand different housing units (apartments - townhouse - villas) which is filled with implementation and the right price of the product, as it will contribute to meeting a high demand for housing subsidy.


The Ministry said in a press statement that the construction is currently underway in 45 residential projects that provide 77,972 residential units and distributed to 16 cities, indicating that the implementation came after the completing of these units' booking procedures, in accordance with the conditions and controls prescribed by the Sale or Rent Commission, As part of the ministry's efforts to achieve the Eskan program objectives "One of the Saudi vision 2030" programs to increase the percentage of homeownership to 60% by 2020, and reach 70% by 2030.


The projects are located in 16 cities, with Riyadh having the largest share of 11 projects:" Amar Al-Ajawhara", "Riyadh Housing" and "Gate of the East", as well as the "Malay Anan", "Rabiah Al Sharq", "Murciah" and "Deyaar Al-Saad", "Shams Al-Diyar", "Ashraq Living", "Zamil Residences" and "Qairan". The city of Dammam was ranked second with 7 projects: "Al Wafah", "Nasaj Town", "Jasmine Residency","Al-Faridah", "Mad", "Dammam Oasis" and "Telalalghroob".

As for projects in Jeddah city, work has started on the implementation of the "Aaly Jeddah" projects and "Telalalghroob" in the neighborhood of Prince Fawaz and the " Jeddah Housing " project and " Tahlia Gate ", and 3 projects in Al Medina, "Durrat Al Medina" and the projects of "City of roses" and "Alftah" in Al Taif and the projects of "Al Qatif houses" and "Badrani" in the Al Qatif governate, and "Bastain Tabuk" projects and "Durrat Tabuk" in the Tabuk region, and "Mukhatat aljawhara" project in Al Hofuf, "Dyar AlHasa", "Al Bayraq" in Al Ahsa, "Sea View" in Khobar and "Abha Hills" project.

The project also includes the implementation of the "Telalalkhamis" project and the " Khamis Oasis" project in Khamis Mushait province, "Deyaar" Rabigh project in Rabigh town, and "Pearl of Diar" and "Rawasin" in the Yanbu city and "Jwahart Rusaifa" projects and "Retaj" in Mecca and two projects In Jazan, "King Abdullah Suburb" and "Al Safwa Garden".


The ministry is keen to ensure that the projects implemented with high quality and affordable price ranging from SR 250 to 750 thousand, with the integration of infrastructure of water, electricity, Telecommunications, lighting and sidewalks. As well as sites designated to schools, mosques, parks, green areas and commercial facilities, in addition to the sites allocated to government agencies to be integrated residential projects that provide their residents with all the services they need.


"Sakani" has announced the names of 200,000 citizens who can benefit from the various options offered by the "sakani 2019" program, which will allow ready-made housing units within the Ministry's projects and units under construction in partnership with real estate developers, free land and subsidized real estate loans to benefit from the purchase of Market-based units, self-build  of landowners, and financing additional loan, out of targeting expedite ownership to 60% by 2020 and 70% by 2030 in line with the eskan program objectives "one of the Saudi Vision 2030",  reducing waiting lists and making available of more housing opportunities suitable for different groups of society in all regions of the Kingdom.