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9/5/1440 -on- 15/01/2019«Sakani 2019» announces the names of 200 thousand citizens to take advantage of 6 housing and financing options.

With the aim of reducing waiting lists and speeding up the ownership of the first home.

«Sakani 2019» announces the names of 200 thousand citizens to take advantage of 6 housing and financing options.
The Ministry of Housing and Real Estate Development Fund announced the names of 200,000 citizens who can benefit from the various options offered by the "sakani" program for 2019, which allows ready housing units within the projects of the ministry and units under construction in partnership with real estate developers, free land and home finance (subsidized loans) to benefit from the purchase of market ready-units, self-build of land owners, financing additional loan,this is the first time that "sakani" has announced the names of eligible beneficiaries during the year in a single installment, with the aim of accelerating homeownership to 60% by 2020 and 70% by 2030 according to the "eskan" program objectives "one of Saudi vision 2030"programs, and reducing waiting lists and providing more suitable housing opportunities for different groups of society in all regions of the Kingdom.

This is a continuation of the "sakani" program, which during the past two years, has provided a variety of residential and financing options that will allow the ownership of first home to more than 583,000 citizens in various region of the kingdom. Which providing the various facilities, necessary services and privileges to the beneficiaries. However, it will include housing units within integrated infrastructure projects and sites designated to service facilities characterized by quality and different models of villas, apartments and Townhouse,Its modern designs and its affordable prices ranging from SR 250 to 750 thousand, the integration of infrastructure in the free land to be delivered, the reduction of the first installment of home finance to 5%, and the exemption of VAT for the first housing, along with home finance for military personnel, A real estate consultant that provides a range of real estate and financing recommendations to the beneficiary.

The Minister of Housing, Mr. Majed bin Abdullah Al-Hogail, stressed during the forum of "Sakani  Program 2019" held in Riyadh today that the Ministry of Housing is represented by the "sakani" program which is always keen to provide all that meets the aspirations and wishes of the citizen, His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, in the provision of adequate housing and decent living conditions for citizens, in light of the continuous and unlimited support received by all sectors including housing, and of that what has been announce last month in the "Good budget".

He said: "The Ministry, in its  continues efforts to achieve its objectives in line with the National Transformation Program 2020 and the Saudi vision 2030, has overcome a number of challenges and thus overcome many of the difficulties facing the housing sector and the ownership of citizens, especially in regard to working in partnership with the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA), banks and financial institutions to facilitate for citizens' access to suitable home finance,

With the government guaranteeing to bear the interest on the value of the subsidizes loan with support up to 100% for those whose salaries are less than SAR 14 thousand, and has made many amendments to the home finance by reducing the first installment to 5%  for "sakani" program beneficiaries, with the possibility of offering installment for housing units under construction  project, in addition to strengthening the partnership with dozens of qualified real estate developers to carry out integrated housing projects facilities and services suited to citizens of various categories in terms of desire and price,the fruit of these facilities and services pumped 126 thousand new housing units in the housing market during the past year and continue to pump more of them, in addition to benefit 143 thousand families in different regions of the "sakani" program options during the last year as announced at (the budget forum ) Last month, and continue to benefit more families on an ongoing basis. "

He indicated that the ministry aims to accelerate the ownership and reduce the waiting lists through the various options and solutions presented to citizens, pointing out that all of them are available through the portal of the "sakani" program sakani.housing.sa according to easy and  accessible procedures, noting that the regulatory aspect of the housing sector is of paramount importance, in the context of ensuring the provision of a balanced and sustainable housing environment, indicating that the regulatory programs streamlining achieved a lot of results to serve the citizens, such as "ejar" and "Mullak"

"Idle Lands", "Sustainable building", "Etmam"," Wafi" and others, while His Excellency stressed that the social security families and the most needy need special care and attention through what is provided under the "Housing Developmental" program in partnership with the non-profit sector and social responsibility programs. In the private sector, which resulted in the delivery of a number of housing units which suit their needs.

On housing solutions using non-traditional methods of construction, the minister stressed that the ministry is committed to continue managing the challenges to enable citizens to obtain adequate housing, as well as devising various solutions. He pointed out that supporting and motivating new construction techniques with good quality and competitive prices. The ministry aims to provide adequate housing in less time, stressing the ministry's continued provision of all these solutions and more to serve the citizens.

Infrastructure and integrated services for residential projects.

Deputy Minister of Housing for Lands and Technical Affairs Dr. Hassan bin Shawqi Al-Hazmi, said that all "sakani" program projects, whether ready or under construction as well as free land, take into account the integration of infrastructure work from water, electricity, telecommunications and other networks, also provide sites designated to service- utilities for  beneficiaries, Such as educational, health, entertainment, commercial and other services, pointing out that this comes from the fact that residential projects are not limited to housing.

Al-Hazmi said in his speech: "Within two years of the "sakani" program has been allocated more than 150 thousand free land for citizens in a number of cities, provinces and centers in accordance with their wishes that entered into the portal of housing subsidy, and these lands have high acceptance rates after the display and complete the necessary procedures. However, thousands of units have been delivered to beneficiaries, this year there are 50 thousand free land to be provided to citizens in the "sakani" program, as of the free land is one of the options provided by the program to meet the desire of thousands of citizens, so we are keen to provide them in a suitable and integrated manner.

The Land and Technical Affairs Agency disclosed that SR 21 billion has been allocated to develop about 251 million square meters in a number of cities to provide 236,000 housing units, including 73 million square meters, which have been completed and delivered to the citizens and developers for the implementation of housing units. In addition to the signing of contracts for the infrastructure development of 140 million square meters and the completion of development in 2019, and the establishment of housing projects, and the targeting of the development of new 37 million square meters this year, in addition to the allocation of SR 450 million from white land revenues for the implementation of infrastructure in the Projects of  Al Uyayna, Al Dawaadmi, Al Unaizah and Ha'il, and the continued allocation of more units according to Article 15 of the Idle Lands Program Regulations.

100 thousand new loan narrows down the REDF list by 75% .

"Over the past two years, we have been honored to serve thousands of citizens and we are determined to continue to work. New approvals have been approved for 100,000 beneficiaries in 2019 rests on a clear strategy which based on best experience for citizens to enable him to take advantage of the home finance (subsidizes loan) easily and conveniently in light of the completion of appropriate solutions with our partners from the financing institution," said Khalid Mohammed Al Amoudi, General Supervisor of the REDF.

He added: "We are delighted that in 2018 we have enabled more than 50,000 citizens to benefit from the five programs of the Fund, which have a variety of options that meet the needs of many citizens in the ownership of housing, and we have created many programs that facilitate citizens to get the right option for them and among these programs are real estate advisor program. "

In closing, Almoudi expressed "By the end of this year, we will be able to reduce our waiting lists to 75 % and contribute in raising the proportion of citizens' ownership of housing to 60% by the end of 2020.

50 thousand new units during 2019 in partnership with real estate developers.

The General Supervisor of Real Estate Development at the Ministry of Housing, Mohammed bin Saud al-Ghazwani, announced the provision of 50 thousand new housing units in partnership with real estate developers during the year 2019, revealing the start of work in 45 projects in partnership with real estate developers providing more than 77 thousand housing units and will start delivery of number of them during the current year, while work will begin to implementing more in different regions.

The "sakani" program continues to pump more projects to raise the percentage of citizens' ownership. So far, 67 projects have been launched across the region, providing 126,000 housing units including villas, apartments and townhouses at prices ranging from SR 250,000 to 750,000. These units saw rates of bookings that qualify developers to start implementing.  We are keen in "sakani" program to ensure that all projects in all areas of the Kingdom are fully integrated with a focus on cities of high population density and interest in strategic locations. "He noted the role of partnership with the private sector represented by real estate developers as a key partner in national development. In addition, this partnership will contribute to strengthening the supply subsidy policy of the Ministry of Housing, enabling citizens to obtain housing units that meet their needs and suit their capabilities.

50% of new projects are using modern building technology.

 Mr. Mohabab Benten, the General Supervisor of the Building Technology stimulus Initiative, said that there are three factors to analyze the suitable residential option concept: quality standards, implementation time and competitive cost. The importance of modern building techniques is in keeping with current and future requirements. Enabling, and financing the construction technology industry in the Kingdom.
"In a harmonious work between the "eskan" program, the national industrial development program, the logistics services and the Saudi Industrial Development Fund, and with the support of the private sector stimulus plan, the building technology stimulus initiative was launched. Last year we put ambitious plans into place. More than 6 modern building techniques,we have been able to support and enable 32 real estate developers to sign contracts for the construction of more than 49 thousand housing units using building technology through 12 factories that were supported to raise its production capacity to 18 thousand units annually to reach the total financing of the factories to about SR 735 million, And the details of the rest of the contracts will be announced soon, "he said, adding that the success of the experience of building an integrated home with three-dimensional printing technology and another home using the third generation technologies was completed in two days, with the participation of Saudi engineers team. Stressing that it has been contacted with a number of universities and research centers in Saudi Arabia to conduct research to localize the materials used

The Ministry of Housing and the Real Estate Development Fund called on citizens to visit the "Sakani" website for sakani.housing.sa for their names this month, visit the Housing Subsidy Portal eskan.gov.sa and the Real Estate Development Fund redf.gov.sa To update and uploaded their data in order to serve them.