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5/5/1440 -on- 11/01/2019"Wafi" organize "Wafiex 2019" fair in its second edition in Jeddah.

Sponsored by the Minister of Housing next March.

"Wafi" organize "Wafiex 2019" fair in its second edition in Jeddah.

The Sale and Rent program on Wafi are organizing the second edition of the exhibition and off-sale projects forum "Wafiex 2019", which will be held under the patronage of His Excellency Minister of Housing Majed bin Abdullah Al-Hogail in Jeddah for four days during the next month of March.

The supervisor of the real estate development, the head of the sales and rent committee, General Supervisor of the exhibition Mohammed bin Saud Al-Ghazwani, pointing out that "Wafi" began in preparation and early processing of the exhibition, meetings and seminars accompanying, noting that "Wafiex 2019" exhibition comes in the framework of efforts for "Wafi" programs in identifying this type of real estate development and its importance in providing housing units for those wishing to own and purchase early in the under construction projects before or during the project implementation phase, both weather the beneficiaries of the "sakani" program of the ministry or private sector clients in the sale and rent system.

Al-Ghazzwani pointed out that the "Wafiex 2019" will provide visitors with models and various options for housing units in a number of off-sale real estate projects approved by "Wafi," and will allow the participation of engineering and accounting offices that qualify the "Wafi," program, in addition to the participation in a number of banks and financing institution in the exhibition.

A number of real estate developers will participate in the off-plan sale system. The exhibition will be accompanied by meetings and seminars that will discuss the off-plan sales projects and will reviews the successful experiences in decades and the distinctive housing solutions that have been used.

It is worth noting that the exhibition and forum "Wafiex " was held last year in its first edition in Riyadh as the first specialized exhibition for off-plan sales projects in the Kingdom, in the presence of over 5,000 visitors, including a number of ministers and officials and specialists during the exhibition period, which lasted 3 days, at which reviewing many successful international off-plan sales experiences .