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1/5/1440 -on- 07/01/2019Minister of Housing inspecting the ministry pavilion in  Al-Janadriyah.

The Minister of Housing, Majed bin Abdullah Al-Hogail, visited the Ministry of Housing and the Real Estate Development Fund pavilion within the activities of the National Festival for Heritage and Culture in Janadriyah at its 33rd annual in Al-Janadriyah, Saudi Arabia under the theme "Wafaa Walaa". He also was briefed on his displays which highlighting the Ministry's projects, plans and programs aimed at developing the sector and providing suitable housing for citizens.

The pavilion provides services to the "sakani" program beneficiaries. Moreover, provided more than 583,000 residential and financing options to the beneficiaries in two years, including prefabricated units within the Ministry's projects as well as under construction units in partnership with qualified developers, free land and home finance (subsidized loans) in partnership with banks and financing institutions.  In order to benefit from the options of buying ready units from the market, self-building for those who own the land, or financing the additional mortgage, in line with the supply policy to the Ministry of Housing to provide various housing options of good quality and suitable price,

The "eskan" Program objectives, one of the Saudi Vision 2030 programs, are to raise the proportion of homeownership to 60% by 2020 and 70% by 2030.The pavilion also displays models of housing projects covering all regions of the Kingdom in various cities, governorates and centers, and a comprehensive definition of various initiatives and programs such as "ejar" which protects the parties of the rental process from a (tenant, landlords and real estate broker) through a unified contract representing an executive bond, Idle lands fees aimed at increasing the supply of developed land in order to achieve a balance between supply and demand, providing residential lands with affordable prices, protecting fair competition,Counteracting Monopolistic Practices and the "units subdivision" program that enable owners of buildings, villas or commercial and residential towers to benefit from their ownership of their properties through the units sorting and the facilitation of disposition of their ownership by separate ownership deeds,and the "Sustainable Building" platform, which aims at providing a range of services and solutions that contribute in raising the quality of residential construction and raising the efficiency of energy and water consumption, providing a quality inspection service for building construction works, and inspecting the quality of prefabricated buildings. Furthermore, is currently work in including Assessing the sustainability of buildings service and their conformity with Environmental Sustainability Criteria, as well as the "etmam" Developer Services Center, which is responsible for implementing and following up the implementation of the approvals and licenses for residential or commercial residential projects.

And to work on overcoming obstacles facing the developer and owners of residential projects, which cause in limiting the speed of completion of these projects, through the provision of many services, primarily the adoption of land division schemes and comprehensive development plans and the issuance of building permits and certificates of construction completion as well as the issuance of licenses to sell off-plan real estate units and development Land and promoting off-plan sales projects in Saudi Arabia for existing projects outside Saudi Arabia.

The Ministry's pavilion also contains a special corner for the Real Estate Development Fund and its various financing services in partnership with banks and financial institutions, including the purchase of ready-made units from the market or self-building or financing of the additional loan by making use of the subsidized loan.

The Minister of Housing, Majed bin Abdullah Al-Hogail, said that the Ministry's participation in this national festival allows it to present its products within a group of bodies working to achieve the ruler's aspirations and the citizens' hopes. He stressed that the Ministry of Housing projects take into account the commitment to high technical specifications and its various options, program are also geared to organize and promote this important sector in order to enable citizens to own adequate dwelling.

"This national festival represents a historic legacy that combines the past with the present and the continuous pursuit of further prosperity and development in all fields. It is therefore of great importance to the Ministry as it represents an opportunity to introduce its plans, programs and services," he said.  In addition to interacting with all citizens and answer all their questions and queries. "

He also visited the Presidency of the State Security pavilion and met with the officials, praising the presentation of the pavilion of exhibits highlighting the efforts of the presidency in its various sectors.