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26/4/1440 -on- 03/01/2019The "landlords federation" records a growth rate of 50% in the prepare request.

The draft numbering plates project are launched electronically. 
The "landlords federation" records a growth rate of 50% in the prepare request.

The Ministry of Housing's program of "landlords federation" recorded a significant increase in the number of applications for unions registration. The increase was about 50% in the fourth quarter of 2018 compared to the total number of unions at the end of the third quarter of 2018. The increase since the launch of the program comes from the electronic interactive portal and electronic application, which contains many of the features and services provided by the program to the beneficiaries of the joint ownership units owner.

The "landlords federation" program have witnessed incremental growth in the "Mullak" program, as a result of facilitating the services provided to the Unions through the portal and the special application of the "Mullak" program, where the establishment of the Union facilitator and electronic form a short time and effort to those wishing to register in the program, for the owners of real estate units with joint ownership registered in the Union and regulates the responsibilities and costs of maintenance of the joint parts, stressing that the existence of such a organized and incentive real estate environment  will be attractive and helpful for citizens wishing to own real estate units jointly owned, so as to optimize a positive impact on the organization of the relationship between them.

The program noted that recently had adopted a PR manager for "landlords federation" to work in a professional manner so that the Union would achieve its objectives and support members and owners of shared ownership units to overcome the obstacles being encountered. He will be responsible for a number of tasks that he will follow, such as the approval of fees agreed upon by the owners and their periods, the appointment of positions for the members of the board of directors (vice president, the treasurer), follow up  in opening an bank account for the federation, and issuing letters to the relevant authorities such as the Electricity and Water Company, Saudi Post and others, receiving queries from the federation members and assisting them in resolving them, and receiving the names of the on late and delinquents clients by the Director of the federation for their follow-up.

"Mullak" has indicated that through the development of the services provided to the members has been launched in order to make it easier to obtain information electronically. Digital services are an important part of facilitating access to information. This step comes in line with the importance of interaction and electronic transformation of the Ministry's programs and services. Which will positively reflect the accessibility and implementation of services to condominiums owners, the accuracy of the recorded information and the geographical location of the federation members. However, the project idea is to have digital plates placed on the ITU building, which contains key information on the Union and residential units to facilitate access to services, all information about the facility can be obtained through electronic survey and reading.

It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Housing has launched the "Mullak" program of mid-2016.The program aims to create a safe and sustainable environment to contribute to the conservation of rights and good use of real estate, and to promote a culture of co-existence