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25/4/1440 -on- 02/01/2019

Issuing 31 fines for violators of the "white lands" system.

132 fine imposed by the program so far.

Issuing 31 fines for violators of the "white lands" system.

The violations consideration Committee and objections to the Idle Land VAT system of the Ministry of Housing 31 decisions to impose fines on a number of landowners who have violated the system, bringing the total number of violations imposed by the program to 132 irregularities so far.

The fines and financial penalties imposed by the program vary according to the type of irregularity, up to 100% of the land fee value due, in accordance with Article VI of the Law, which states that "Anyone who violates the provisions of the rules and regulation shall be punished by a fine not exceeding the amount of the fee imposed on his own land, without prejudice to his obligation to pay the owed fee.

The program stated that the approved fines represent part of the recorded violations of the program in the cities subjected to fees in the first phase (Riyadh, Makkah, the capital of Dammam and Jeddah), targeting lands within the urban area of 10 thousand meters and above and were not developed , Indicating that these violations include non-compliance with the registration of land within the deadline and provide false information during registration, or non-commitment to pay in time, Pointing out that more fines will be announced during the coming period to the violators after completing the legal procedures against them,

The amounts of fees and fines collected are deposited in a special account with the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA), which is allocated for the disbursement of housing projects, the delivery of public facilities and the provision of public services.

The program explained earlier that the amounts imposed as fines on the taxpayers may reach 100% of the land fee value, in addition to the amounts imposed as fees, while continuing to stimulate the owners of their land within the prescribed urban area of fees, to develop their land or to pay their fees or benefit from the Ministry of Housing concessions such as the partnership with the private sector for the implementation of housing projects to serve the citizens, as well as the real estate developers center, "Atamam", which accelerates the issuance of approval of real estate schemes within a maximum of 120 days from the completion date of the application.

The program aims at increasing the supply of developed land to achieve a balance between supply and demand, providing affordable residential land, protecting fair competition and counteracting monopolistic practices. The program recently announced the allocation of about SR 350 million of its revenues to complete the development of infrastructure in a number of Ministry projects in several regions of the Kingdom.