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25/4/1440 -on- 02/01/2019 "Housing" launches the electricity supply project north of Riyadh.

Provides more than 20 thousand housing units.

 "Housing" launches the electricity supply project north of Riyadh.

The Ministry of Housing has launched the electricity supply service at the North of Riyadh project located west of King Khalid International Airport in cooperation with the Saudi Electricity Company. The project enables the provision of more than 20,000 residential units. In which of stations for transmission and distribution of electricity were established to replenish the project.

The completion of the power grid system and the launch of the current power  in the project, complementing the efforts of the Ministry in the preparation of infrastructure for its projects, which include water, electricity, telecommunications, lighting, sidewalks, paving roads and others, in addition to the allocation of sites for public utilities, as well as green areas and gardens, In which the efforts of 16 government agencies, with the aim of overcoming obstacles and facilitating procedures, which will contribute to raising the percentage of homeownership among citizens to reach 60% by 2020 and 70% by 2030.

The land north of Riyadh is currently consisting of 5 residential projects on a total area of 3,779,318 m 2 of 9067 housing units, the project "Morsiha", on an area of 2,733,880 m 2, which consists of 5590 units of apartments and townhouses, and the "Shams Aldyar" project on an area of 343,478 m 2. Which consists of 503 units of Villa and Town House, and the "Diyar Saad" project on a plots area of 133,098 m 2 and contains 577 units Townhouse, as well as the project of " Riyadh housing," which includes 168 apartments and an area of 13,983 m 2, in addition to the "ashraq living" project  which includes 2229 villas and townhouses on a total area of 554,879 m 2. The project is designed to the highest planning and design standards., the project is considered a full-fledged infrastructure.

The Ministry of Housing, through the "sakani" program, has achieved its objectives of housing and financing options for the last year 2018, reaching 300,000 housing and financing options in all regions of the Kingdom. The ready housing units included within the Ministry's projects as well as units under construction in partnership with qualified real estate developers, Free land,and home finance  (subsidizes loans) supported through partnership with banks and financial institutions to take advantage of options to buy ready units from the market, self-building of those who own the land, or financing the additional loan, which was an extension of the end of 2017, by providing more than 282 thousand residential and financial option for the beneficiaries of housing subsidy of those registered in the Ministry of Housing and Real Estate Development Fund lists. The total number of options offered by the "sakani"program in just two years is more than 583,000, in line with the Ministry of Housing's policy of providing various housing options with the high-quality and good price. "iskan" program objectives one of the Saudi Vision 2030 programs to raise the proportion of homeownership to 60% by 2020 and to 70% by the year 2030.