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24/4/1440 -on- 01/01/2019Drawing up the contract based on the specialist

Drawing up the contract based on the specialist's opinions and launching the documentation service of tenancy contract for the commercial sector.

The "ejar" program of the Ministry of Housing has launched the lease contract documentation service for the commercial sector to the beneficiaries through its e-network "optional" as a first stage. , As well as the developers of the" ejar" program of the commercial contracts parties of real estate intermediaries, lessors and tenants and their comments on the service through the available communication network, in order to work on the continuous development and improvement to reach the best levels before entering the compulsory stage during a later period.

Mr. Al Daoud explained that through more than 10,000 real estate brokers throughout the Kingdom, the tenant and landlords can enter into contracts electronically in less than 8 minutes. The service also includes a unified leasing contract for the commercial sector covering a wide range of sectors (The tenant, the landlord and the real estate broker) can form contract by activating a large number of contract clauses and identifying the obligor in a flexible, smooth and expeditious manner to achieve their objectives of the contract. Work is under way on the formulation of items for the industrial and agricultural sector to cover all needs of beneficiaries.

Al-Daoud confirmed that the contract was built and formulated following consultation with interested investors, tenants, landlords and commercial real estate management companies through various workshops held during 2018, in cooperation with the beneficiaries directly as well as through the meetings held in the chambers of commerce and industry.

The ejar program, through the Residential and Commercial Contract Documentation Service, seeks to facilitate and validate rental transactions to enhance trust between the parties and to record mutual obligations between landlords, tenants and real estate agents in the real estate sector. The program also aims at documenting leases, preserving the rights of all parties, to meet the beneficiaries needs, to contribute in improving the performance of the real estate sector and to increase its contribution to GDP, as well as to reduce the volume of disputes related to the real estate tenancy sector. For more information about the program please visit the website ejar.sa or call toll-free number 920005226.

The ejar program and through the network of rental services to improve and develop its services permanently and continuously, through the feedback of information and notes via the awareness tours of the teams of control and supervision. Therefore, has been developed some services such as the rapid registration of rental contracts, which is in eight minutes, The payment of the lease via SADAD. There are also various repayment periods, including the monthly payment periods, in addition to the availability of contractual periods of rent for three months or more in the online rental services network, and through the registration of lease contracts in the network, which is documented at the start of the stage of binding over a network executive bond facilitates the process of litigation.

The online rental services network was officially launched on February 12, and the registration of residential rental contracts in the network is mandatory in accordance with the decision of the Council of Ministers. The decree also stipulates the application of the provisions of the Real Estate Offices Regulations to non-committed real estate brokers, and a number of decisions of the Council of Ministers concerning linking the registration of leases in the network with a number of government services, as the network will be the only reference to verify the validity of current residential leases to benefit from government service which is requiring proof of the lease within its requirements.