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Tuesday 13 Rabia ath-Thani 1441 on December 10, 2019

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27/3/1440 -on- 05/12/2018Minister of Housing inaugurates the "Jeddah Real Estate Real Estate Exhibition" (Restatex)..

Various residential projects presented by the participating parties..
Minister of Housing inaugurates the "Jeddah Real Estate Real Estate Exhibition"

The Minister of Housing, Majed bin Abdullah Al-Hogail, inaugurated the "Jeddah Real Estate Real Estate Exhibition" (Restatex) which launched on Wednesday with the participation of the Ministry of Housing and several government bodies, as well as a group of banks, development companies, real estate finance and companies concerned with housing, real estate and construction.

"The exhibition is an annual opportunity to explore the various options offered by the ministry to enable citizens to obtain adequate housing," he said, noting that the "sakani" program was launched at the Makkah region level with more than 30 thousand housing units Including ready and other under construction in partnership with real estate developers, while the program allocated  since its launch in 2017 until last month, more than 165 thousand options which  include housing units, free land and home finance(subsidized loans).

He added that the establishment of such exhibitions provides access to the experiences of real estate developers and their projects, in addition to the various services provided from financing entities and to identify the latest developments in this sector.

The exhibition, which will be held at the Jeddah Center for Forums and Events until next Sunday, the ninth of December, and will be followed by a number of workshops and training courses organized by a number of initiatives and programs of the Ministry of Housing.

The exhibition includes 9 workshops, in which the Ministry participates in its programs (Housing Developmental, Developer Services Center (Etmam), Ejar, Building Technology Stimulus Initiative, Units screening, Sustainable building, Idle Land, and Landlords Federation). In addition to a free training course organized by the Real Estate Institute aimed at real estate agents.

(RESTATEX) exhibition is the largest real estate event in Jeddah, with a wide participation of banks and financiers, as well as real estate companies, as well as government agencies such as the Real Estate General Authority and the Real Estate Development Fund.