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Tuesday 13 Rabia ath-Thani 1441 on December 10, 2019

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20/3/1440 -on- 28/11/2018"Ejar" carries out more than 14 thousand rounds on real estate brokerage facilities within 10 months.

Monitored a number of violations, most notably exceeding the rate of commission which covers all regions of the Kingdom.

"Ejar" carries out more than 14 thousand rounds on real estate brokerage facilities within 10 months.
The supervision and control teams in the Ministry of Housing's "Ejar" program continued their inspection tours on the real estate brokerage facilities in the various regions of the Kingdom. The tours varied between the inspection visits and as response to reported communications. The number of tours during the last period was more than 14 thousand inspections during the months ,most recent of which was the prosecution of a number of violations, the most prominent of which exceeded the rate of commission and violation of the non-registration of contracts through Ejar e-network, which carries fine of up to SAR 25 thousand according to the  real estate offices or a final revocation of the license based on the Violation nature.

The supervision and control teams 'rounds included the distribution of awareness leaflets for rules and regulations, as well as the advantages and obligations of the three parties' of ejar network (landlord, tenant, real estate broker).

These inspection tours are in addition to the continuous monitoring and awareness campaigns to ensure that enterprises are free of violations, that they are subject to rules and regulations to obtain accreditation in the "ejar" program and the use of the electronic network in documenting leases. This helps protect more than 9,000 accredited real estate agents.in order to, deportation of manipulative from the real estate brokerage sector which guarantees to preserve the rights of all parties to the rental process and meets the needs of the beneficiaries of having an organized and sustainable rental sector.

The campaigns continue after providing a "ejar" for all the registration and accreditation requirements in the electronic network by registering the real estate agent electronically through "ejar" site, passing the electronic training course and obtaining the official accreditation of the network as an approved real estate agent according to the most important conditions which includes a business registration that having a Real estate leasing activity, and a national address for real estate.

"Ejar" program seeks to qualify and enable all real estate facilities to use the electronic network for rent and awareness of the rules and regulations through training certification programs, including continuous workshops in all regions of the Kingdom with the provision of support request services and field visits, which can be ordered through the phone or social networks , As well as the "User's Guide" services provided by the Ejar website. The Real Estate Broker can also market for himself by registering in the application of "Real Estate Brokers" by recording contact details and locating the facility. Ejar program receipt communications through different networks, including the unified number (9200005226) and the application of "Real estate brokers" as well as through "ejar" offices in the branches of the Ministry of Housing, which amounts to 13 office in all regions of the Kingdom.