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Tuesday 13 Rabia ath-Thani 1441 on December 10, 2019

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16/3/1440 -on- 24/11/2018"Sustainable Building" was making his first construction quality checking is conducted within the "self -build"

Individuals are able to obtain a construction quality inspection certificate 
"Sustainable Building" was making his first construction quality checking is conducted within the "self -build"

The Ministry of Housing's Sustainable building Program disclosed that it had conducted the first construction quality inspection carried out by a Saudi engineer who completed the program requirements by obtaining the required training course through (SREI).

The program indicated that Engineer Al-Faheem Ibrahim Al-Tamimi was making the first approved construction quality inspection, which benefited Khalid Al-Mutairi as the first citizen who receive this service, confirming the continued receipt of applications for examination to utilize from this service through the program's website https://www.mostadam.sa/ The program aims to provide a mechanism to help the next citizen who is going to build a housing unit verifying the quality of the construction work and make sure that it applicable to the requirements and standard of the Saudi Building Code and the international standards of quality, based on the Ministry's vision to organize and facilitate a balanced and sustainable housing environment.

On this service and how to access it, the first citizen who benefited from it said that obtaining the service is distinctive and easy, as it does not require revisiting the ministry, since all work steps done electronically, indicating that he was contacted within an hour of submission the electronic request.

Al-Mutairi pointed out that this service was like a dream for him and it came true, because in the past he was encountering a lot of difficulties and the absence of quality and workmanship, stressing that this service was a demand for every citizen, at the same time he is advising citizens to benefit from the service to ensure the quality of their home.

He pointed out that one of the advantages of this service is to obtain a (CQI)certificate after completion all the examination steps. Al-Mutairi also urged all citizens to follow his lead to ensure the quality of the building and to preserve the citizen's right to a sound building of high quality.

Engineer Ibrahim Al-Tamimi, who is considered the first accredit examiner in the construction quality inspection service, urged the engineers to join the program, especially since it does not require a formal job and is considered an additional income. It also improves the quality of the building. Therefore, he called on citizens to utilize of this service, which serves as the short cut and the right way to reach the desired results of raising the construction quality.

Mr. Mazen Al-Daoud, General Supervisor of the real estate organization, confirmed that this phase of the service is initially applied to residential buildings for individuals who are going to build in Riyadh city. To cover all the kingdom region progressively in the coming periods."This service will increase the quality and authoritative of residential buildings, reduce operating and maintenance costs for the citizen, and help minimizing potential structural risks and costs.

"Sustainable Building"program provides an electronic platform to ensure the quality of the building as it passes through all stages of the main examination in accordance with the standards of the program is compliant with the Code of Saudi Arabia, where the beneficiary can request the examination and schedule it electronically at the start of construction work for the examiner to conduct the checking procedure. In accordance with established procedures, when all checking stages are completed successfully, the construction quality certification will issued.