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Programs and Initiatives

Off-plan Sales or Rent Program (Wafi) aims to market and sell the real estate unit before or during the development or construction stage, by putting the description of the house plan or a building model in its final form after the completion of the development or construction, and ensure the commitment of the real estate developer to implement according to the model and agreed specifications.


Program Objectives

  1. Reduce the cost of the real estate unit ownership.
  2. Reserve the buyer's rights through the implementation of regulations and procedures.
  3. Increase transparency in the real estate sector.
  4. Encourage the spirit of competition among developers through the subdivision system.
  5. Contribute to increased supply through the development of real estate projects.
  6. Enhancing the ability of developers to shift from individual to institutional work.
  7. Limit speculations that have adverse impact on real estate prices.
  8. Obtaining high quality real estate units.